Young Floridian Woman Charged with DUI-Manslaughter

Just look around Gainesville, Florida at places like Ocala, Hawthorne, Newberry and Keystone Heights, to name a few areas, and you’ll find a gaggle of attorneys who specialize in cases of DUI.

While the numbers of DUI and alcohol-related fatalities have declined, according to statistics from only two years ago, 1,041 driving-related deaths in Florida occurred where at least one driver had a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) of 0.01% or higher.

Over the years and throughout the country, greater efforts have been made to keep the roads safer by cracking down on DUI.  In fact, it is the hope of many a Floridian their proposed DUI laws be adopted to tighten the grip on those who endanger themselves and others.

Recently, Alison Bryan, a 22 year-old woman from Ocala, was put in jail for being drunk and at the wheel when a Chrysler crashed into a concrete utility pole—killing one and injuring three, including herself.

The surviving passengers, two males in their late 20’s, and Bryan, were airlifted to Miami’s Ryder Trauma Center.  The deceased passenger, also a male in his late 20’s, died at the scene of the accident on May 30th, earlier this year.  Alison Bryan is being charged with DUI-Manslaughter as well as two counts of DUI-causing bodily injury.  She is presently being held on a $100K bond.

DUI-Manslaughter is “the unlawful killing of another without intent or reckless indifference to the loss of life.”  It is deemed a felony offense.  There have been several DUI-Manslaughter cases in Florida over time and oddly, as of late, more of them though preventative measures are still being taken to decrease the overall number of DUI-related accidents and deaths.

It is important, first and foremost, to contact an attorney should you, or someone you know, be involved in a DUI-related incident.