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What Is The Best Alternative For Your Specific Debt Situation?

For whichever type of debt scenario you may be in, there are different solutions to help you out.
For example, people that have a good FICO score but at the same time they are in a lot of debt and they are making only the minimum payment on all of their bills, debt consolidation would be the best option. Debt consolidation would be the best option because it will help them to get lower monthly payments so they can keep up and will not ruin their credit score. They will also be able to get themselves out of the debt faster.
People with a decent FICO score, are only late on one or two payments, and are current on their mortgage payment, debt settlement may be a better for them. The reason a debt settlement program would be a better option is because it will reduce the principle debt, it will lower the monthly payments on their cards, and it will not affect their credit score any more than it already has.
For those people who are massively late on payments, deep in credit card debt, and they are struggling to make their house payments, then bankruptcy would be the best option for them. Bankruptcy will give them a chance to start over. They may be able to keep their house and some of their liquid belongings, without being homeless.