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What is Foreclosure?

What is Bankruptcy

Foreclosure Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Most western states have a “non-judicial” foreclosure system in which a trustee sends a series of legal notices to the homeowner, and then subsequently seizes the property without any court intervention. Once the non-judicial sale takes place, it terminates most legal rights the homeowner has in the property, and the property is transferred either back to the lender, or to a 3rd party purchaser. The more payments homeowners are behind on, the more likely their home may be taken.

What Causes Foreclosure?

Lenders, and in many cases the mainstream media, would like you to believe that “irresponsible” homeowners inevitably lose their homes. This is simply NOT true. Many circumstances beyond the homeowners’ control typically contribute to a homeowner falling behind on mortgage payments, these factors often include:

  • Loss of Job or Income
  • Divorce
  • Illness/ Medical Challenges
  • Adjustment in Loan Terms
  • Death

Let McFarlin LLP Help!

If you are behind on your house payments, you are not alone. Over 4.8 million homes are in foreclosure at any given time in America today, and help is available. With proper legal counsel, many homeowners are able to avoid losing their homes or workout a favorable arrangement with their lender. The attorneys at McFarlin LLP are ready to assist you. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to save your home and a proven track record of happy clients and success stories. McFarlin LLP offers free consultations to prospective clients, so contact us today (888) 728 0044, or email us.

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