Toxic Cleanup in New Hampshire Comes to a Halt Due to Chapter 7

Envirologic, an environmental/engineering firm based in New Hampshire has recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy—stopping its contaminated soil, cleaning services in Tiverton.  The halt in cleanup has the Bay Street community up in arms.  The process has indeed been a long one—starting back in 2002.

President of ENACTRI, Gail Corvello, oversees a community group whose focus is cleaning up contaminated properties.  She has feverishly been reaching out to Senators and various environmental agencies and has yet to receive any assistance, let alone, a response.

Corvello said, “We have no idea what happens to us next…We’ve got topsoil with contamination. Properties are wide open.  It’s not safe for emergency personnel to get into the neighborhood.”

The now bankrupt firm had at one point tried to receive an advance payment for services which were hardly carried out.  Envirolgic, had received some contractual payments for cleaning, yet, never finished the project and filed for bankruptcy rather suddenly.

Tiverton residents had settled with Southern Union, the “contaminators” for $11.5 million—$3 million of which was used to clean up the contaminated soils.  Southern Union owned the Fall River Gas Company—an energy provider accused of exposing residents to pollutants such as cyanide and lead to name a few.

Residents were told they must meet together with their attorney to find a new contractor.  James Goncalo, Tiverton’s Town Administrator said, “We are not in control, the Bay Street litigation group secured the bids, awarded the contract. The town’s job is to ensure that the cleanup is proper and complete.”