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Please feel free to download and view the PDF containing testimonials from over 40 of our happy clients. We’re very proud to be a firm that makes our clients happy. We welcome all of your feedback. Thank you!

Client Testimonials: Bankruptcy

“When I was 23 I had a bankruptcy (it was a few years ago) because I had health bills I had no way I could pay off (incurred after a serious illness). I realized bankruptcy was the only option but the undertaking was a hugely massive task and I desired for it to be done right.

I came across Tim McFarlin thanks to a family member of a close friend. It was such a smart choice to meet with Tim. Seriously–all I did was give in and his team all of the paperwork I had sitting in a box as well as the answer questions and tell them what had happened and what I had gone through. After paying them he and his team did everything they needed to do and took care of the entire process.

I endorse Tim for eliminating debt. Filing for bankruptcy was a complete no brainer for me. Believe me when I tell you it feels so great to have a fresh start with my finances.”

Russ H.

“Tim advised me on some questions I had about my parents’ Ch.13 bankruptcy. It’s not easy dealing with things most people aren’t aware of: transfer of servicing rights, surplus adjustment, lost paperwork, etc. My parents didn’t have all their original contracts and paperwork, which was frustrating but Tim helped make more sense of things. He was helpful, honest, and got back to me quickly. I would recommend him to anyone who wants their complicated bankruptcy case done the correct way.”

Leena P.

“I got a surprise garnishment for credit card debt that was just under seven years old and so still collectible. The collector, a big and savvy operator in the business, had bought the contract for my credit card debt for pennies on the dollar back in 2009, after the bank had written it off. He then got a judgment for the owed amount, but never served me to appear in court to contest the debt. Then he let six years go by so he could pile up fees and fines before getting the garnishment. I would have been paying this predator seven hundred dollars a month for six years, for a debt of about nine thousand dollars.

Tim McFarlin and his capable assistant cut this thief off at the knees. My chapter seven filing sailed through the court system like one of Mike Trout’s home runs sailing out of Angel’s Stadium. He and his assistant told me what to do and guaranteed the results if I did my part. I did my part and the results were as promised. I would never use anybody else.”

Stephen L.

“29 and up to my eye balls in debt! A friend referred me to Tim, and said he got her debt under control. When I met with him, he seemed very nice and informative. He assured me he could help me out and I could be eliminate my debt. This I had to see, and sure enough he kept his word! I got another chance to plan for my future!”

Dawn D.

“Like a lot of the previous reviewers I maintained Tim’s services when I filed for bankruptcy. I was pretty embarrassed I had to file but everything was made easier because Tim did an excellent job and he didn’t judge me and neither did his team.

Everyone made me feel like I was getting a fresh start and I was even given some information where I could improve on my knowledge of finances and budget so this would not happen again.

It was a pleasure working with Tim.”


“I am super happy I ended up working with Tim. I met and spoke with three lawyers about my financial troubles and my gut told me to go with Mr McFarlin.

The process was easy and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be because this lawyer and his team took care of me and my worries.

I recommend you bring all your paperwork and records to Tim McFarlin and have him work on your bankruptcy. It was the only option for me and my life is so much better since I decided to start over.”


“Timothy really took the burden off mine and my family’s shoulders when we had to file for bankruptcy! After he helped us though the process, I felt like I could finally breathe again. He is very patient and explained the process to me so that I fully understood everything and answered ALL of my questions. Thanks again Tim!”


“A few years ago I had a bankruptcy at the age of 23 due to some health bills I had no way of paying off after a serious life-threatening illness. I knew I had to file bankruptcy but the task was an amazingly large undertaking and I wanted it to be done both correctly and fully.

I heard about Tim McFarlin from the family member of a good friend and I made an appointment to see him. It was such a good decision. Literally—all I had to do was provide Tim and his people with all of the paperwork I had collected as well as some information and back story and after paying Tim he and his people did all of the work and took care of everything.

I got a clean slate and ever since I’ve built my credit (and health) back up. I’m not big into credit cards but I know credit is important and so all is well.

I recommend Tim for debt elimination. Trust me when I say it feels so good to get a fresh start starting at zero. Filing bankruptcy was a 100% no-brainer for me.”


“McFarlin law group was amazing. Tim has extensive knowledge of BK law – I anticipated the process of filing a BK to be humiliating and heart wrenching yet Tim and his staff offered encouragement and compassion all throughout the process. After appropriate paperwork was filed the matter of the debt hearing was still pending.

On the day it was scheduled we were a bit nervous while waiting to see the judge. Fully expecting to speak on our own behalf- he sent an attorney to represent us at our debt hearing. We were the ONLY people waiting to see the judge for whom that was the case. One of his staff members has ALWAYS been so responsive to any needs we have had-paperwork or otherwise. I just loved working with this law firm and have recommended his services to anyone for whom the need has arisen and will continue to do so.”


“The business my husband and I own started to lose money as the economy got worse, and worse. We used our credit cards to supplement our income, and then we started to get overwhelmed by debt. Business wasn’t improving, so my husband’s friend told him to talk to Tim Mcfarlin a bankruptcy lawyer in the L.A. area.

The consultation was free and my husband liked Tim, so I went back with him and we started the process. I was very scared of this whole bankruptcy thing, but Tim made me feel comfortable, and I trusted him, and I trusted the friend of my husband who recommended Tim. To sum it up, it’s been a little over a year since we filed and business is doing great. I would say that the bankruptcy process wasn’t what I expected, it was pretty easy. The cost of the bankruptcy filing at McFarlin Law was reasonable, it was about what you should expect to pay in L.A. for a good lawyer. I recommend Tim to everyone I know who needs any legal advice. He’s a great guy and he’s an awesome lawyer.”


“I claimed bankruptcy after my boutique-clothing store in Los Angeles suffered a major blow. Tim Mcfarlin was my lawyer. I was very depressed about having to file bankruptcy and I thought my business was never going to get back to where it once was. Business was really good, my online store’s sales were booming, I was getting good press in all the local fashion magazine, and then the economy started going downhill and up went my debts. I couldn’t get my head above water financially.

Tim was really understanding, honest, and very helpful to me, as far as, planning for the future of my business. My bankruptcy is behind me now, and it gave me a clean start. Business is good again and Tim is the best! I completely recommend him.”


“I claimed bankruptcy in 2009 after I was laid off. My wife and I were over our heads in debt before I lost my job, but that was the nail in the coffin. A good buddy of mine who went through bankruptcy himself recommended Tim McFarlin. Based on my good buddy’s word I set up a consultation with Tim, it was a free consultation. I had a good feeling about Tim, so I signed on. Tim is a total professional. He’s a standup guy and he knows bankruptcy law. I would have been afraid that I would have lost my house and other property if I hadn’t had Tim as my lawyer.

The bankruptcy process with Tim was smooth. When I called a few times with questions, he would promptly get back to me. All in all, he is my go-to lawyer from now on. When you find a lawyer who is good, and one that you can trust, you stick with them, especially in the LA area.”


“The negative stigma of bankruptcy caused me to out off filing for two years longer than I should have. I don’t recommend doing that if you are over your head in debt, bill collectors are calling, and you aren’t able to make your payments on time. But what I do recommend is calling a bankruptcy lawyer asap and getting some good advice.

Tim McFarlin was my lawyer. His firm offer no cost consultations, so I took advantage of that. I met with Tim and it was obvious to him that filing for bankruptcy was my best option. As far as my bankruptcy it went well. It was easy and pretty painless. I thank Tim for that. He is trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable, and he kept me informed and up to date on the status of everything. I can’t say enough good things about him. If you need to file bankruptcy I recommend talking to Tim, I think you’ll be glad you did.”


“My wife and I were struggling to get out of debt for the five years before we met Timothy McFarlin. I was working 2 jobs and my wife was working, taking care of our 3 children and helping me run my home based business. But, with the economy being so bad, and losing several thousand dollars on a bad real estate deal we realized we had to at least get some legal advice. My wife’s boss has worked with Tim on the past and recommend that we go and talk to him since his firm offers free consultations.

We spoke with Tim and I knew right away that if we were going to file bankruptcy that he was the lawyer that I wanted to go with. He was honest with his legal advice, but optimistic about our financial future. At that point, it was still hard to imagine ourselves being in a better spot with our finances.

My wife and I went home and thought about it for a few days, and then called Tim the following Monday and got the ball rolling. Tim was professional, direct, and kept us updated. I was surprise by his excellent communication with us, being he is such a sought after attorney in LA.

Tim gets my highest recommendation. He really did help my wife and I get out of the hole we were in.”

Kurt & Susan D.

“Tim McFarlin represented me with my bankruptcy filing. It was a personal bankruptcy filing, but my financial situation was affecting every aspect of my life, even my home based business. I run an online business, and charged up a lot of my credit cards in the early years getting it off the ground. By the time my business started generating good revenue some of my debts were in collections, and after a point they will only accept the amount in full. I met with Tim for a no-cost consultation and I knew right away that he was a good guy, and that he was the lawyer I want representing me. My bankruptcy went smooth, and business is going great.

I truly feel that without Tim’s expertise I wouldn’t be in this spot. Tim is the only lawyer I recommend to my clients, friends, and family. 5 stars!”


“McFarlin & Geurts handled my bankruptcy filing in 2009. I found the entire staff to be excellent. Everyone is very upbeat, and positive. They were all sympathetic to my situation, especially Tim. I don’t usually write reviews, but there are so many people claiming bankruptcy these days, that I thought it would be helpful to let people know of a good bankruptcy lawyer. My bankruptcy went smooth, no hitches.

Tim is a knowledgeable lawyer, he’s as sharp as a tack, and down to earth. My consultation was free, which was really nice because I got to feel Tim out before I had to make a financial commitment. I recommend McFarlin & Geurts 100%. I couldn’t have been more pleased with how smoothly and stress-free my bankruptcy process was.”


“I Filed For Bankruptcy Ten Months Ago. My Credit Card Debts Were Through The Roof, And Business Hadn’t Been Good With The Sluggish Economy. I Went To Timothy Mcfarlin From Mcfarlin And Geurts Law Firm In Irvine, California. I Had Heard Good Things About Him Through The Grapevine, So I Had A Meeting With Him. I Was Genuinely Impressed By Timothy’s Professionalism, And His Positive Attitude. He Is Definitely Schooled And Experienced In Bankruptcy Law.

Timothy’s Staff People Were Very Helpful And Friendly. If I Had A Question Timothy Wouldn’t Proceed Forward Until Li Was Comfortable And Had A Good Understanding Of What We Were Discussing. I Have Received A Discharge For My Debts, And I Am Moving Ahead. Timothy Gave Me Some Great Advice And Some Techniques To Use To Start To Repair My Credit. I Will Utilize Timothy Mcfarlin For Any Future Legal Matter That I Have. I Highly Recommend Him.”


“I claimed bankruptcy about a year ago, after getting into a car accident. My medical bills were astronomical, and there was no way I was going to be able to pay them off in a timely manner after having to take six months off of work to recover. The creditors became very aggressive. Answering the phone became a very stressful act. I had also been receiving letters from debt collectors and lawyers and my accounts were delinquent. So, after a year and a half of trying to work with my creditors and make payment arrangements that we could agree on I realized the stress of it all was taking a toll on me, so I made an appointment with Tim McFarlin to talk about my situation.

It was a free consultation. Tim was very understanding of my situation, and he really put me at ease. After discussing my options, I decided bankruptcy was the right decision for me. Tim handled everything for me and answered all of my questions promptly. It was such a relief to have someone so trustworthy and knowledgeable handling my bankruptcy filing.

My bankruptcy went well, and I am very grateful for Tim McFarlin and his staff for everything they did for me. If you’re looking for a great bankruptcy lawyer who you can trust and feel comfortable working with I would recommend Tim McFarlin from McFarlin & Geurts. You won’t be disappointed.”


“Timothy McFarlin did an excellent job handling my bankruptcy. He walked me through the process, and made me feel comfortable with every step. I was afraid to claim bankruptcy for years, but I got to the point where I was left no choice. Timothy was very informative and explained the bankruptcy process in a comprehensive way.

The staff members in his office were friendly and helpful. If you are thinking about claiming bankruptcy I would recommend Timothy McFarlin. I really felt like I could trust him, and he made my bankruptcy a pain-free process. He also gave me some very helpful information about how to rebuild my credit and start over, which I am in the process of doing now.”


“I’ve had many lawyers during my life as a business person, and this lawyer with his great knowledge paired with his empathy for my mortgage problems, is literally lifting me out of 3 years of horrific mortgage dealings and helping me gain my life back.

I’ve been a successful (usually) businesswoman who has worked hard all my life, raised 3 children alone, and paid mortgages on time for decade who got caught in this economic mess with a high-bubble home with payments that Wells Fargo (and others) refused to re-fi, and/or modify – it’s unfortunate that I paid 20% down on my home as I’m a very frugal person always doing things honestly but these crazy times struck me hard, reducing my income.

Tim McFarlin has helped me file for bankruptcy, explaining the steps with his fine staff, and guiding me every step of the way. He’s also helping me with a short-sale of my home which in all is giving me the new start in life I need with my lower income.

He’s also helped me with my sense of restoration of my self-dignity and self-shame through this process and has been strong yet kind, resourceful yet explaining all to me through the processes making it much easier for me to supply him and staff with all they needed.

In the past, I’ve used the finest of attorneys in Los Angeles, but recently suffered with one who mishandled my case and it drove me to terrible desperation at one point. I researched online and found Timothy and he’s certainly at the top of all I’ve used.

His skill is undeniably top-notch and I’m so indebted to him for helping me after I was treated like a criminal by Wells Fargo Bank, misled by the other attorney etc., but now I have hope as a semi-retired senior protecting my rights thanks to Mr. McFarlin.

I would highly recommend this fine attorney to others who want the very best in home ownership problems, and/or bankruptcy – he’s the finest, and worth the drive down to Orange County!”


“Attorney McFarlin helped our family get out from under a mountain of debt. Thank you!”


“Was easy to deal with and he communicated with us every step of the way.”

A Chapter 7 Client

Client Testimonials: Foreclosure

“We wanted to write you and thank you for the fantastic job that you did to obtain and unbelievable Home Modification for us. Not only did you get us a $149,000 reduction in our principal but was able to get us a reduction In our Interest rate as well. We have been able to make steady payments for going on six months and are able to breathe easier knowing that we can stay In our home for many years to come, We could not have done this without your help; we are so grateful. We tell everyone we speak to If they are In the same situation as we were to contact you to work your magic. Thank you for being organized, friendly and diligent, you are awesome.”

A Foreclosure Client

“I received a letter from Wells Fargo staling that the mortgage assistance program has been completed!

I paid the mortgage for the month of May and starting next month It will be automatically deducted from my account. I’d like to take this moment to thank you for all you’ve done for the past year. Dealing with Wells Fargo was a long and daunting process. However, you maintained your professionalism throughout the process and I really appreciate you! Now is the time for me to finalize my bill. What’s the next step In this process….”


“This letter is to commend you, Joe and anyone else in the law firm that helped with my Equity Line of $72,500. I hired McFarlin to negotiate my equity line, and assumed I would have to pay so many cents on the dollar. But to have my whole second trust deed waived is absolutely wonderful. The second wasn’t a huge amount but with the floating interest rate, I could not afford the payments of almost $600 per month.

I am a Realtor and with the economy in the worse recession In recent history, my sales came to a halt. I could hardly make it. I am at retirement age so loosing my home was inconceivable. Now my life is stable and I can concentrate on my career.”


“We wanted to take the time to express our appreciation and gratitude for the services and assistance your firm provided. We were very fortunate to have Mary as our representative throughout the duration of the Loan Modification with Oowen and are very satisfied with the record time result, 28 days. She kept us informed of the progress and would advise us as needed to help us navigate through the process. Thanks to her persistence and knowledge, the end result was all that we had hoped for and has given us a renewed opportunity. Mary is a great asset to your team and we would gladly recommend Mc Farlin LLP to anyone requiring your services.

I also would like to thank Joe for leading me through the process and patiently addressing the issues clearly,

Greatest of success to you all! Thanks.”


“I just wanted to take a few minutes to express my sincerest gratitude for all your hard work on my loan modification. Thanks to your hard work I received a total monthly savings of $2,200 on my mortgage payment. I am so grateful to have my home and have a payment that is reasonable and that will allow me to remain in my home for the long term. I realize this would not have been achieved without your persistence and dedication and for that I am grateful,

I hope McFarlin LLP realizes the value you bring to their firm, I hope this letter serves as a form of recommendation for both yourself and McFarlin LLP.”


“I am writing this letter because I want to express my gratitude for your assistance during my mortgage modification. This was a very scary process for me as I had never dealt with an attorney in any way, not to mention on such an Important matter as avoiding foreclosure, keeping my property and obtaining a mortgage modification, I also had a very difficult case; I live in Michigan, my property is in ………………………… second home. As you can imagine, I was very apprehensive, especially being out of state and not being able to physically meet any of the representatives at McFarlin LLP,

Mary Guenther was my main point of contact and I feel so lucky that I had her on my case; She was extremely persistent, thorough and so helpful. There were often times when I was confused during the process and she always took time to answer my questions and to make me feel more comfortable. I never had to follow up with Mary to get the status on my ease because she was so proactive at keeping me informed, either through emails or phone calls. I really feel that It was her tenacity that led to the great results on my modification; a savings of $931.97 per month. And that was on a second home!

I can’t thank you enough for everything. All of my dealings with McFarlin were extremely professional and I feel like everyone within the firm Is very dedicated to get the best results for their clients. If you ever need a client reference, please let me know.

Thank you again.”


“Sorry it has taken a while but I wanted to get you the review!

My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our loan modification thanks to McFarlin Law. It took time, but with patience and the help of Joe, Kathy, Mary and the attorneys we were able to achieve our goal of staying in our home! Thank you McFarlin Law for your time and for fighting on our behalf! We will absolutely be referring friends and family that may be in the same situation we found ourselves in due to the recession. We are so glad we decided to hire the proper professionals to get us through the modification journey, and urge others to do the same.”


“I would like to take the time to write a letter with sincere appreciation for McFarlin Group. I was going through a very hard time and was diligently trying to modify my mortgage loan. I was getting no¬where and becoming more and more behind on my monthly payments. I started receiving foreclosure notices. It was a lot to deal with, not knowing what my rights were. L called McFarlin Law Group and dealt with a few different people but the two that really made me feel comfortable about my situation and that I was not alone In this crazy upside economy. They started right away and put a stop to the foreclosure process. They made me feel secure in my home. After about 8 months, we received a loan modification on my first mortgage. McFarlin was willing to work on the 2nd mortgage but at this point, my husband and I decided to call it quits. I know that if we would have continued with the process they would have gotten me a modification on my 2nd as well.

They work hard for you and keep you completely up to date with the process. They never left me wandering what was going on.

This kind of service is hard to find these days.

So again, THANK YOU!”


“You guys have done fabulous job and performed more than our expectations. Especially Mary has worked with so much perfection and intensity, to have an employee like her is real blessings.

Next week I will personally visit your office to thank all of you involved and show my appreciation.

Before I come, I need to know whether our monthly payment of $700 is to be continued until we do final loan modification. I do not know if it is possible to do any negotiations preferably or possibly to be done at the time of final loan modification. Will they include or add penalties or interest to the original loan? Though we are happy that the loan modification have come through, couple of my friends who are in Real Estate, certifies that our home would not appraise more than $500/000 because no house in three mile radius, has ever been sold more than $425,000. In such a case Bank of America also, in hundreds of cases, has lower the principal loan also.

If your FIRM has experience in this or see an opportunity there, then if I have to sign another retainer agreement, I should cheerfully do so.

Thank you all immensely.”

A Foreclosure Client

“I just wanted to sincerely thank your entire team that helped me get my home out of foreclosure and my loan modification approved. You, Joe and Ethan were very helpful but most of my thanks definitely must to go to Maryll.

My message to anyone that has tried to negotiate their own loan modification and “accidentally” ended up in foreclosure is get HELP immediately from professionals. Submitting a loan modification correctly and doing the tedious follow up is a fulltime job and most people will just hit too many hurdles, get frustrated, and eventually lose their homes for all of the wrong reasons.

Another message is that this can be done If you meet the lenders criteria and are diligent in your follow up so do not give up.

I can honestly say that I would highly recommend your firm to anyone that has experience what I have.

Thanks again.”


“I wanted to write this letter to say thank you for everything. Our goal was to reduce our mortgage rate and to stay in out home since day 1. You exceeded our goal!

We were like many others in this country who have lost value in our home. To compound the matter I had a career change that made our monthly note extremely difficult to manage.

Contacting the bank by myself led nowhere. We were told to refinance our home we would need to come up with 20% down. I had paid 20% down 6 years earlier on our home and its value had depreciated 30% in current market conditions.

I contacted Mr. McFarlin during a time of need and he quickly put me in touch with his team. Kathy and Mary offered direction on how to process the paperwork. They then stayed on top of all bank matters. I only spoke to the bank 1 time during the 9 month process. McFarlin took care of all the communication and forwarded all of the documentation to Chase Bank.

Our goal has been reached. We went from a 6.6% interest only loan to a manageable and fair 3.5% cap loan (principal and interest).

My family and I can now rest securely in our home. Because of this I am very thankful to have chosen McFarliin LLP to represent us during this scary and trying time in the marketplace.

My family and I thank you McFarlin LLP.”


“Greetings to you and the office personnel at the Law Offices of McFarlin LLP. I would like to thank you very much for your professionalism, dedication, and hard work In getting the loan modification through and approved with ING Direct within a four month period. At first it appeared so impossible in whom you were dealing with, but your constant persistence on negotiating the terms finalized the agreement.

When it was ail set and done and ING sent the Note Modification Agreement approving the new terms and conditions, it was like a ton of bricks lifted off my shoulders and a new beginning has started in my life. The constant worrying on how I was going to pay my medical bills, purchase groceries, and pay the $2,500.00 dollar mortgage statement had come to an end. However, I am still copping with the ongoing furloughs at work, reduction in salary pay, and the increase payment to my medical insurance which will not change in the near term.

To my surprise, I could not believe the status on my loan came down more than I expected and the new loan went from being a five year arm variable to a thirty year fix with the first five years at 2% and the next twenty five years topping off at 3.39%.”

A Foreclosure Client

“We want you to know that we are extremely grateful to you, for all the effort and dedication you put into this matter. We intent to re-submit our most recent financial information to chase, hopefully the additional income we will be reporting to chase will help us to finally obtain a loan modification. We intent to use the services of your firm to file for bankruptcy eventually, (either way) I really appreciate If you can please contact Robert lucky one last time, and ask him what do we have to do in order to submit our most recent financial information, and if they have a sale day, because if that is the case and they are not going to give us the opportunity to re-submit our. Financial information, but to foreclose our property, then I have to “run” to file for bankruptcy through your firm sooner than we though. Also please provide me with his telephone number so we can continue communicating with him.

Once again, thanks a million for been such a sweet heart.”

Ana A.

“I am writing to thank you and everyone at McFarlin for the wonderful service provided while helping me to get over all of the hurdles to get my modification completed. I contacted McFarlin 9 days before my home was scheduled to be sold in a foreclosure sale and I did not know what I was going to do. From my first few phone conversations with staff at McFarlin, I knew I was at the right place because everyone was professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. I could not believe the dedication and excellent customer service I received.

When my file was transferred to you, I continued to receive the same excellent customer service over the next three and a half months until the mortgage company approved the modification. What made the customer service so good is that I never had to wonder what was going on with my file, I received regular detailed e-mail updates whenever you talked to the mortgage company, which was often a couple of times a week. You also responded immediately to any questions I had, whether by phone or e-mail.

You were always professional and never made false promises. You continued to let me know that it was up to the mortgage company to approve the modification, but you advised me on how the process worked and what documentation would be expected. Even towards the end of the process when I was getting tired and frustrated, you encouraged me to hang in there and continue providing the documents requested by the mortgage company. When the mortgage company finally approved the modification I was ecstatic to hear that I would have a 58% reduction in my monthly mortgage payment!!!!!!

I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, customer service, and dedication to helping me get through this whole stressful process. I would not hesitate to refer anyone I know to you and/or McFarlin for their modification needs.

Thank you.”

A Foreclosure Client

“On behalf of the family, i would like to express our deepest appreciation to McFarland for successfully representing us with our loan modification. Although the process took almost 3 years, through no fault of theirs, they remained diligent in their pursuit of a settlement with our 1st and 2nd mortgage lender.

One person we would like to especially recognize and thank is legal secretary Mary Guenther, who was our personal case manager. Our loan modification was not a typical file because our 1st lender was making demands which were not considered reasonable and our 2nd lender was not being cooperative neither. The biggest challenge was establishing communications with the true decision makers from both parties and following up daily to insure our file was not forgotten . When all attempts to settle failed and settlement hopeless, Mary refused to give up and took the Initiative to reestablish dialogue with the lenders. She was responsible for getting in contact with the true decision makers from both parties and getting them to co-operate on settlement terms. If not for the relentless and tireless efforts of Mary, our home would most likely be up for foreclosure.

Thank you to Mary and the attorney team of McFarland for helping us afford to stay in our home. We are indebted to you.”


“We are extremely happy and very pleased!!!

I presume everything is fine with the copies that I sent you? Will definitely be early when sending the payments.

Words cannot express our gratitude for what you did for us. We owe you for this and we will make sure that we have something special for you when all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted … and for all your efforts in following up and handling our case aggressively and conscientiously. You really never gave up on us and you saw the light at the end of the tunnel. If you recall, our case was mishandled a couple of times (WAMU/Chase side and also McFarlin’s 2 or 3 people that came and left) and this time it finally came through.

Thank you for being there for us all the time.

Best regards.”

A Foreclosure Client

“McFarlin law group was amazing. Mary Guenther is a very professional and knowledgeable. I thought that my situation was hopeless. She did an excellent job representing me in my 2nd loan settlement with B of A case. Fees were also reasonable. I highly recommend her to everyone I know. She really surprised me with the results.

Thank you very much!!”


“I just wanted to send you my thanks for doing a great job settling my second mortgage with Bank of America. I am a very busy person and depend on the expertise of professionals in their field to accomplish my goals effectively. This allows me to use my time to be as productive as possible in my own business. I have been self-employed for 30 years this year and have developed a small group of professionals that I know I can rely on. Very few make it into this circle of trust. You are now in the circle. I would gladly refer you to anyone that is in need of your services.

Thanks again.”


“I have an eerily similar experience to that of Teena C. Bankruptcy in 2010, then we tried to contact the lender (Chase) to catch up or reinstate the 2nd mortgage on our home. Gave up after many fumbles, re-FAXING personal data etc. Tried to start an RMA around 2013 with Chase who refused. Even had an attorney who tried to contact them.

Chase instead began foreclosure on our 2nd mortgage. When that occurred, Chase – by law – had to offer an RMA.
We began the RMA process; it was a nightmare and my husband literally would spend hours on the phone several days each month to ensure that Chase confirmed receipt of documentation they required. This was documentation we sent over many times. We also pressed Chase for details on the balance they said we owed. It became complicated.

After 18 months, Chase finally gave us a determination; rejected due to high income! They continued with the foreclosure process. Last chance for us: we contacted McFarlin and signed up with them. First, they prevented Chase from moving forward with the foreclosure. Chase agreed to provide another review (RMA) which we filled out. We re-supplied data only a couple times. This was a very stressful time, but not nearly as stressful as the previous 18 months!!. After 12 months, Chase approved the RMA – we got what we needed; an affordable payment, extremely low interest rate. This allows us to keep our home. Thanks to the McFarlin family of lawyers and support staff, especially Mary G.!”

Pamela M.

“This will be the first review I have ever written.

Background of why I had to obtain an Attorney. I had been dealing with my Mortgage Lender and trying for 3 years, and was promised help reducing my Mortgage payment over and over. Since the down turn in the economy which started in my business in 2006 (loan officer/real estate), I saw my income cut in half, and could not keep up, and My reserves were tapped out. In 2010 I fell behind and my bank promised me help, if I worked directly with them, but did nothing but give intentional bad information over and over, resulting in my modification submissions being denied, based on bad information forwarded to me by the bank representatives. When “Blatant Fraud” came into play, I knew I didn’t want to lose my biggest asset I worked so hard for, so I called” several” law offices including, McFarlin LLP for help.

I met with Tim McFarlin, who I felt never promised, or over promised me any results like other law offices, but rather told me the way things go.He was down to earth and professional as well. All I wanted was to get my loan modified to a payment that I could afford, to reflect the current economic climate. But in doing that we had to Sue the lender for all of the things I was claiming. The lender requested the law suit be dropped against them, but the judge denied that, and requested modification mediation instead, or the law suit would move forward, I’m sure based on the facts, and the complaint my Attorney sent in. My Attorneys knew that was not what I wanted, just a modification, and although it took time…….I received my modification this may!!

The Attorney that handled my case directly was Connie Catone, who tolerated me to the best of anyone’s ability, as I had become stressed, and paranoid based on my personal dealings with my lender…..She kept me calm, when I wasn’t.. Dealing with this kind of stress changes you. I was glad one of us could keep their head about them during this process, and for that I am grateful to her. She was not who I hired, but Tim must of felt she would be the best fit. As far as the things I look for, phone calls, and emails being returned, and things explained….She followed through, always.

I also had direct dealings with Mary Guenther, who worked with me to get all the stuff needed to the lender for this modification submission. she was patient and calming like Connie, and also followed up in a very timely manner with whatever I needed. She was great! I would recommend if you have this kind of issue with your mortgage you give them a call as well.”

Teena C.

“McFarlin help me manage and settle my 2nd mortgage. Handing negotiations of my 2nd over to McFarlin alleviated a lot of worry and anxiety off of my shoulders as they gave me great advice along the way. Mary kept me updated with proposals and counter-proposals. Paul Rodriguez or Tim McFarlin would call me as the situation required. The result was 100% of my 2nd mortgage was forgiven. I highly recommend McFarlin LLP.”

Mike M.

“Let me start by saying that hiring a law firm is a very stressful thing! I did a lot of homework on who I chose because it was to get rid of my second mortgage which was over $131,309.54. I am a single mother of four and need every last penny and I could not afford to lose my home! When I started searching the reviews on Yelp helped me tremendously they were all mostly good! . I trusted in the reviews and I hired McFarlin and his group. I had to pay an up front fee (this was the only fee for the entire service!) and that was concerning at the time but I figured I had to try and save my home.

I mostly worked with Mary Guenther she was very patient with me as I called and emailed her all the time. She always responded in a timely manner and answered all my questions.. The process took a lot longer than I thought. I was hoping it would all be over in 3 months but it went on for about 12 months or so. Only because I was trying to save as much as possible. Mary was able to settle for me at $17,000, so my savings were $114,309.54 minus the fee charged by Mcfarlin of course. The work they have done for me is incredible! THANK YOU MARY!!!! YOU ARE GREAT!!!

My second mortgage was very difficult to deal with, they did not do what they were suppose to in a timely matter and Mary had to do extra work to make sure everything was done and closed properly at no extra charge. Mcfarlin’s group did not close my case until I felt comfortable that everything was done and I had all documents in hand.
I can’t thank them enough!!!! They really helped me! they never lied, not once! THANK YOU!”

Veronica B.

“The staff at McFarlin LLP was incredibly helpful. I was skpetical to say the least, however the end game was a second mortgage payoff of $57,000 from $184,000. This was done in 12 months time and I feel the price paid could have potentially been lower, but we wanted to put this behind us. I dealt mainly with Mary who always answered the phone, emailed right away and kept in constant contact during the entire process. When necessary Tim was able to step in and provide legal advice and guidance which will always come up in these circumstances.

Overall McFarlin LLP delivered exactly what I was looking for. We can now move ahead with our lives and stay in our house. Thank you to both Tim and Mary.”

Brian F.

“Hi. My name is Lisa Marquez. For fours years I have stressed and struggled with a past due home equity line of credit that was on my home. I have talked to the bank at least one hundred times. I have had debt settlement companies try to help me. I have tried government programs. I have researched countless hours on the internet to try to find some solution. I could find nothing or no one to help. I was told by other lawyers and companies that Bank of America does not do debt settlements. I was told that they don’t even have a settlement department. My $70,000 debt grew to $84,000 with added interest everyday. It got so out of hand that I would need to pay the $14,000 of added interest just to go back to paying the $70,000 principal off again. I was overly frustrated and truly discouraged. I found Mcfarlin Law Firm online and immediately called them. I spoke to Paul and felt confident that he was straight forward and honest and would do his best for me. He told me that he had attained settlements for people with Bank of America loans and I believed him. I checked out the law firms reviews and I decided that I needed to move forward with them to try to get some help with this huge problem in my life. When I signed up with the Law firm they connected me with Mary Guenther. I gathered all the necessary paperwork that she requested and to my shock and surprise within about 3 weeks I was offered a settlement from Bank of America of $10,600. On a $84,000. balance!!!!!

Words can not express the gratitude I feel for these people!! I have had a 1000 pound weight just lifted off me. It feels amazing!!! Thank you all so very much :)”

Lisa M.

“We had a great experience with McFarlin! Our first contact was with Paul Rodriguez who assured us that, even though we were no longer upside down on our mortgage, they would be able to help us with our charged off second mortgage. Mary Guenther kept us in the loop during the entire process, coaching us in the correct way to fill out the paperwork and sending us status emails as our case worked it’s way through the process. She would even send us an email from time to time when nothing was happening to let us know what we should expect next. Before we knew it, we had 12% settlement offer and we couldn’t be any more satisfied.”

Brent H.

“I would like to thank the following for the success of my 2nd loan work out. They delivered more than what they promised.
1. Mary Guenther – Knowledgeable and acted quickly on any issues.
2. Paul Rodriguez – Told me ahead of time the contingency plan.
3. Tim McFarlin – Provided his time to explain my concern out of his precious time.
While we are in the process, I felt there concern with the result of the case.”

Pete D.

“A year ago I went to McFarlin to get a loan modification on my primary home. They were very professional and guided me every step of the way. It was a long process but the loan mod was finally approved. I was very pleased !”

Germaine H.

“I had been working with my mortgage company for over a year and half trying to modify my loan without success, and then for a few months with another “consultant” who was supposed to help, but was only a waste of money. Then with my back against the wall, a week before my foreclosure sale date I contacted McFarlin LLP to see if there was anything they could do to help. I researched them on the better business bureau website, Yelp, and other review boards and found positive reviews, so I was happy because my time was running out. From the very first phone call the representative took the ball and ran. They collected all of my information and was preparing all of the paperwork for the court in a matter of three days. Everyone I spoke with was professional and understanding. I liked that they were honest and said they could not guarantee the bank would modify the loan, but they would do all that was in their power to help me get it done. They were in court for my case four or five days after I contacted them. I received updates any time there was activity on my case, which I really appreciated. I never had to call and ask what was going on. They never seemed to mind when I did call with questions I had. My case was complicated, but in the end, they were able to help me get the modification and I was VERY happy with the final results. Their fees were well worth the service received.

I worked directly with Joe, Connie, Gary, and Mary. It was nice that Tim also set aside time to introduce himself before the file was handed over to my assigned attorney. I worked with Gary and Mary for the majority of my process and they were GREAT! I would recommend McFarlin to anyone who needed assistance with their modification.”

Renee T.

“When it comes to hiring a company/firm that provides me with a particular service I need, I leave no stones unturned in my search for such a company until I am convinced they will provide the best service for the most reasonable price. I extensively researched a good number of different firms that could help us with our rather complex mortgage situation. Among them was the McFarlin firm, which came highly recommended by our financial planner, and they seemed to be the right fit. And were they ever. These guys know what they re doing. They were able to guide us through a very lengthy process with a level of patience, persistence, perseverance and professionalism you rarely see these days.

I am very pleased with the outcome they brokered, and I highly recommend this firm to friends and family. Hire these guys with confidence. I did all the due diligence & legwork of scrutinizing for you, you will not be able to do better than hiring this firm. Period.”

Martin W.

“I was behind in my mortgage for about two years from which time I had filled up very many loan md. applications and I had been passed on from one organization to another and after two years I had received a negative answer so finally someone recommended the McFarlin Law Firm.

They were able to secure a very good loan with a good interest rate and forgive all of the penalties and late charges.

I would highly recommend this firm for any law related affairs.”


“We are a hard working “Christian family”, who had gone though the modification “torture mill” with Bank of America and several “fraudulent loan modification firms/attorneys”, who had left us in worst conditions then we entered when they were closed down by the Attorney General’s office .We were in a desperate situation because Bank of America, after months of playing games with us, leading us on and pretending to be helping us by having us apply for programs they NEVER had intentions of giving us.

Actually they were on the fast track of trying to foreclose on our home after reneging on honoring several modification! We knew we had to FIGHT bank ‘legally”… So we called Tim McFarlin (McFarlin LLP)! Our first contact was with Paul Rodriguez who brought us into the office to meet Paul . So, with the help of Tim McFarlin..who organized a legal team consisting primarily of Connie Catone and Jarrod Nakano (and several other attorneys during different period), his legal Secretary Mary Guenther who kept us in the loop during the entire process, assisting us in the proper way to fill out the paperwork and sending us status emails as our case…she was AWESOME!

Our case went a little over 2 years! But, McFarlin were able to keep us in our home during that time and we walked away with a better modification and one in which BofA will remain under the watchful eye of the courts if they try to renege on this one! Throughout our entire, STRESSFUL ordeal with Bank of America, we found our lawyers to be sensitive and caring…wanting to get US the best deal possible. We had a excellent experience with with McFarlin and would highly recommend them!”

Renita And D’Andre F.

“we got behind on our mortgage and had no way of keeping up with our large payment after my wife lost her job. Tim helped us so we could work with the bank and keep our house. Our mortgage payment is now manageable and I am so happy for Tim and his help.”


“My family and I thought we were going to be homeless because we couldn’t pay our mortgage on time.

Luckily my mother in law is a family friend of Tim and we heard about him through her and made a meet up with him to learn about his services and if he could help us.

Tim listen to our story and he told us he was certain he could help and that he would do everything he could to work with our lender.

Our loan was restructured to a point where we could actually pay it and we were saved by Tim and his expertise and I am so grateful we got to work with him.”


“Our home was foreclosed on and I had no idea what to do or even if it was worth doing anything. My spouse had gotten ahold of McFarlin’s firm and we met with him to see if it would make any sense to confront our lender.

We found out Tim actually had working relationships with a bunch of different lenders including ours and because of this we decided to give his gameplan a try despite being skeptical. Well, fortunately we ended up keeping our home but even more wonderful is Tim worked with the bank so we could not only pay our monthly payments in full (a lower monthly payment) but also work toward paying off the many months we had missed paying.

The bank was much more willing to deal with us than we had thought they would. A+ for Tim.”


“Tim McFarlin saved our home from foreclosure and even got rid of our second. We were in dire financial straits and in utter desperation in dealing with Bank Of America. Once we found and retained Tim, we were in good hands. He and his expert associates took the stress away from us and dealt with BofA . They secured a loan modification for us in a short period of time. We are so grateful we found him, and our lives are back on track.

A grateful family in Manhattan Beach, CA.”

A Foreclosure Client

“I was so glad that i had gone with Tim he helped me every step of the way. It was money well spent. and i did get to keep my property he lowered my payment from $4,500 a month to $3,600. I hope people read this and call him.”

A Foreclosure Client

Client Testimonials: Business & Civil Litigation

“My business was being sued and once I got the papers in the mail I called a few business connections I respect. One of them recommended Tim McFarlin due to a successful experience {or experiences….not sure} with the firm. I was taken care of from beginning to end and if I ever run into trouble again I will most certainly use McFarlin’s legal skills. I will also tell others about him as he did a very good job for me.”


“I utilized Mr. McFarlin’s talents in business litigation. A bullcrud lawsuit was filed against me and although it was pure foolishness, I realized I would be in the best position by hiring a competent lawyer. A friend presented me with Mr. McFarlin.

Despite living on the East Coast for much of the year, Mr. McFarlin made it very simple to speak with him and it did not create any problems pertaining to the distance. Due to Tim, the verdict went in my favor. I appreciate him for his professionalism and hard work and I side with the other Yelp users who know he’s great at what he does.


 Client Testimonials: Real Estate

“My family and I purchased a home and there was some dishonest practices performed by the selling agent that caused a lot of problems with the home and its repairs.

Is actually created some problems with our mortgage lender and us and we believed we had a right to compensation because of the cover-up made by the selling agent and so a lawsuit was brought against them which was settled very much in our favor thanks to Timothy and his expertise.”


Client Testimonials: Personal Injury

“Tim and his team helped me with a personal injury case and it ended in my favor. Thank you so much, Tim, and I will be certain to recommend you to all of my friends and family!”


“Some dumb woman hit her brakes at a fresh yellow light causing me to slam my own brakes and although I did not hit her someone in a BMW behind us ended up rear-ending me full force causing a chain reaction accident.

I was pregnant at the time and was now stressed due to the fact I had no car and was an expecting mother. I did have some back pain as well.

McFarlin helped me put pressure on the insurance company of the BMW guy who caused the accident and we reached a settlement instead of having to wait years before this would go to trial and I am extremely grateful to him.”


“After a local hospital came very close to killing me (I’m unable to explain the situation due to the settlement agreement) I was adamant it was right for me to expect compensation. I realized I needed to be aligned with a lawyer who give me the best chance of winning the case and providing me the most amount of compensation.

There are so many lawyers in this universe but after many hours of searching online I chose to meet with Mr. McFarlin. I explained everything, provided him with all supporting documents, etc. and after a lengthy talk and many questions he promised me this would be a very strong case.

I wasn’t excited to fight a big hospital but to my hope we actually settled with the hospital without having to go to trial. Mr. McFarlin and his team are top-notch and they did everything in a professional and wonderful manner! I got what I deserved and strongly recommend Mr. McFarlin to anyone considering a lawsuit!”


“As an oc/Irvine resident, i found mr. Mcfarlin after an auto accident injury in which there were conflicting stories. Mr. Mcfarlin and his team were gracious with their time, experts in what they were doing- and assisted in any way they could. He answered all the questions that i needed and truly took his time to answer everything. The injury along with the accident was a drain for me, and i really needed a lawyer to handle everything with patience.

Timothy and his team got me everything i wanted (won’t go into details) and was great. I appreciate his skill to get me the settlement exactly how i wanted. I couldn’t have asked for more. I would definitely recommend tim in any issue related to settlement whether injury or financial.”


Client Reviews In General About The Attorney

“I am writing this letter to let you know that Mary Guenther is a great employee and you should be honored to have her. She has worked with me through this rigorous process to get my home loan approved. Mary Guenther has made multiple calls to my fender to get updates and has kept me in the loop during the entire process.

The time and effort put forth by her has been greatly appreciated and has not gone unnoticed. Her customer service skills should be mirrored by all! McFarlin Law must be a wonderful company because someone as helpful as Mary Guenther must love their Job.”

A Satisfied Client

“Thank you so much for everything, Mary! You have been so great throughout this whole process and I really can’t thank you enough. Anytime I needed anything, you always returned my calls or emails within minutes. Not to mention the guidance you provided on anything I needed. I will be sure to continue to refer people to McFarlin because of you!”


“This a review that I thought was do. Tim McFarlin and Mary his assistant really were very consistent in informing me in my case with B of A in helping sue them. They are super honest unlike a lot of others out there. They are really good people which is hard to find in this business. So I very comfortable an giving my recommendation to them from the professionalism and handling my case and success. So for you out there looking for trustworthy law firm they have my recommendation.

Thanks for your kindness Tim and Mary. ”

Brandon K.

“Tim McFarlin makes dealing with bankruptcy and accident issues an absolute breeze. Right away you know that he’s a very personable and trustworthy man who doesn’t over-promise or under-deliver. He listens to your situation and works hard to fix/ease it, making it obvious he wants the best for his clients.”

Carmina K.

“They say 98% of lawyers give the other 2% of lawyers a bad name. Then Jarrod at McFarlin is that 2% of lawyers who give 98% laywers a GOOD name. I never thought I’d have so much regard and respect for a lawyer until my encounter with Jarrod.

He was very compassionate, humble, professional, and prompt replying his emails and phone calls. He went out of his ways to meet me in my neighborhood for a FREE consultation because it was convenient for ME. His secretary even called to inform me that he’s running little late for our meeting. Most lawyers wouldn’t want to even spend more than 10 minutes with you on the phone for a free advise. Jarrod not only thoroughly reviewed my case for free, educated me on my legal matters, but also advised me on my options, and even invited me to call anytime if I had further questions. He sincerely cared for my situation than my own brother.

My only question for him is if he is single and available. I would then have to charge my girlfriends a finder’s fees for finding a Mr. Nice Guy. Jarrod is such a rare species in the field of lawyers. He puts my lawyer jokes to rest.”

Christine L.

“I’ve been so happy with my experience with Tim and his firm. All Of the attorneys and staff have been so responsive and really care about their clients. The special attention was great. 5 stars!”

Melissa D.

“I retained Tim McFarlin and spent a lot of time working with both Tim and Mary. They were both great. I spent a considerable time working with Mary, who was simply terrific. She was attentive, knowledgeable, professional and caring every step of the way. I will be recommending this firm every chance I get. Wonderful law firm and wonderful people!”

David L.

“Knowledgeable and responsive. I would definitely recommend him.”

Michelle M.

“McFarlin is an attorney that cares about his clients! I feel better after just my initial phone conversation. My call was taken by the ATTORNEY immediately. No having to explain my situation to multiple people. The professionalism of the staff and their genuine care for my individual situation was amazing. I was never left feeling like I needed to follow up with anything as they kept me abreast of all the details as they were happening. I would recommend this firm to anyone who is going through financial troubles and feels like they just need some help! I am in a much better financial place thanks to McFarlin LLP.”

Alysha M.

“Tim was really a graceful calm under pressure during what could have easily been a chaotic and confusing time. He assured us that my friend’s well being was the priority, and that he would take care of the rest – and he did. I am so happy that justice was served, and that it was expedient, not a long, drawn out process. Can’t thank you enough, Tim.”


“Mr. Mcfarlin Is One Of The Best Attorney’s In His Field. He Holds A High Regard For The Client And Understands The Complexities Of Today’s Environment. These Are All Very Important Factors In Any Potential Legal Action. For The Past 6 Years Mr. Mcfarlin Has Been A Strong Legal Partner And Trusted Advisor. I Highly Recommend The Services Of Mcfarlin, LLP.”


“I had an overpayment dispute with my school district. Tim handled the manner in an extremely professional manner. He took the stress out of my life. I would recommend Tim Mc Farlin to handle my legal issues from here on out.”



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