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Should I File Bankruptcy?

Should I file bankruptcy? This is a pretty common question. If you’re searching the internet for the answer to “Should I file bankruptcy”, the answer is probably yes because something prompted you to go do that search, whether it was creditors calling, a lawsuit, a wage garnishment, or some other type of really undesirable situation. The most common you probably realize is creditors calling you. Creditors call all the time constantly. They call any number they can get their hands on including your home number, your work number, your cell phone. They can even call your neighbors, your family members, anyone they can find, they’ll call and that’s really annoying.

The purpose of their call isn’t really anything important; it’s mainly just to scare you, intimidate you and harass you into sending them whatever money you happened to have at that moment. So, this is a difficult burden to live your life under. So creditors calling is probably the most common situation that causes people to go searching for whether or not they should file bankruptcy. And it’s really just the symptom of a more underlying problem of a lot of debt. Living with the burden of debt can be real challenge. With creditors calling facing potential lawsuits or foreclosure or something like that, that’s a tough way to live. Bankruptcy is a great option.

If you have any of these issues that I mentioned, the answer is probably yes. You probably should, at the very least, strongly consider filing bankruptcy. Speak to a bankruptcy lawyer, find out what options you have because your bankruptcy options may be pretty good. The objection most people have to filing bankruptcy is either some type of moral or emotional objection, which I’ll get to in a minute, or the other objection is it’s going to damage their credit. Frankly, that’s a little ridiculous because when you get to the point of having creditors calling you all the time, collection agencies, judgments, lawsuits, all those things happening, your credit’s already been damaged. The damage is already done. Bankruptcy is only going to improve the situation.

Bankruptcy is about a fresh start, it’s a positive scenario, it’s going to get you out of debt, eliminate all your debt and give you a chance to just move on without the burden of creditors, without this huge negative thing in your life. You can move on in a positive way, just move forward, be more effective at your job, spend more time with the family, and just generally live a better life. As far as the moral, ethical or emotional objections to bankruptcy, I’ve been doing this a long time and I’ve heard all of them and frankly it’s all non-sense. It’s really creditors and the banking industry trying to make you believe that you’re a bad person if you file bankruptcy. None of that is true. Bankruptcy actually is derived from the bible. But essentially all debts get forgiven every 7 years. The law carry forward into the bankruptcy code, every 7 years you can file bankruptcy, wipe out your debts and get a fresh start. That’s what everyone has always intended for you.

Filing bankruptcy is not a bad thing. In fact in 99% of cases, it’s a tremendously good thing. It eliminates debts, gives you a chance to just move on with your life in a positive fashion and not worry about having those harassing phone calls coming in everyday, having your family members or friends or anyone else bothered. A lot of times, you can get fired over creditors calling too much. If your employer gets annoyed that you’re getting all these distracting personal phone calls that can be an even bigger problem. If bankruptcy is something you are considering, and it should be, contact the bankruptcy lawyer. Most of us will sit down with you for free and give you an idea of what to expect and how the process works.

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