Score a Winner with Your Super Bowl Party

Like football players, not all Super Bowl parties are made equal. Most are decent-to-good affairs that fill the requisite food, drink, and activity quotas, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But only a few parties, like Peyton Manning, make history and a lasting impression on the minds of all guests.

Do you have what it takes to throw an exceptional, memorable Super Bowl party? Follow the advice below and you might just host a true winner.

Preparation is the key to success. Ask any elite quarterback what makes a winner and they’ll be sure to include preparation in the formula. Don’t procrastinate till the last minute or you may just find yourself with way too much to handle. Give yourself a good five days or more for party preparations. This way, you’ll have enough time to address any issues that may pop up unexpectedly.

When it comes to food, go bold or go home. You can rely on the standard Super Bowl fare, such as buffalo wings, nachos, and other fried finger foods, and everyone will go home happy. Or you can whip out the recipe book, cook up some strange and new renditions of Super Bowl favorites, and everyone will go home impressed.

Make a game plan. Contemplate the different spaces and rooms you have in your home and use them strategically for the party. For example, designate one room to be the main game room and reserve another to act as a casual hangout space. Also, make sure to save some space for the kids so the adults can relax while the young ones engage in their own activities in a safe environment. The more thought you put into this, the smoother everything will pan out and the happier your guests will be.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. After eating all the salty, meaty, and savory snacks, your guests will surely need some refreshing beverages to quench their thirsts. Stock up on plenty of beer and other non-alcoholic drinks like homemade punch, ice tea, and lemonade. Take it to the next level and prepare some Super Bowl-themed cocktails if you really want to please.

Go for the goal. Seal the deal by doing something exceptional to enhance your party. Go all out with decorations. Make a photo booth. Host a pool with prizes. Use your imagination and make it happen.

We at McFarlin LLP want to remind everyone that real winners prevent their guests from driving home drunk. This Super Bowl Sunday, please stay safe, but also don’t forget to enjoy yourself!