Real Estate, Foreclosures & Bankruptcy for Personal Investment

Published in 2017, the book Decision Making for Personal Investment was co-authored by California attorney Timothy McFarlin and Waymond Rodgers, chair professor at the School of Business of University of Texas.

The book explores individual investor’s decision-making process when faced with investment choices, helping avoid foreclosure and keeping your real estate property.  Without effective guidance, the process could become a train-wreck and this book features a decision-making model that presents six dominant decision pathways.

These decision pathways examines real estate investment decisions for those globally.  Author Timothy McFarlin is located in California, helping his clients with issues related to real estate, foreclosure, bankruptcy and more.

We all have made bad decisions in our past, and this book Includes examples that demonstrates how some investors have overcome bad investment decisions, and this experience comes to you from these two authors, W. Rodger who has been cited by professionals over 2,000 times since 2011 and T.G. McFarlin.

The Decision Making Model

This book presents a personal financial decision-making model based on six dominant decision-making pathways. It outlines each pathway in detail before focusing on real estate investments in the second part of the book. Based on the authors extensive research into investment decision making, decision modeling and experimental psychology, strategies presented in this book will facilitate more successful investment decision making.