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Pedestrian Accidents

Crossing the street in Orange County, or anywhere in Southern California, can be a dangerous proposition, especially at night. Pedestrian accidents are up precipitously over the past several years, likely due to distracted drivers texting or looking at their phones while driving. As smartphones have become more and more commonplace among all drivers, pedestrian accidents have increased.

Although the greatest concentration of pedestrian accidents occur in city centers, such as in downtown Los Angeles, throughout West Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and other locations frequently travelled by pedestrians, even outlying areas can be dangerous. Most pedestrian accidents and fatalities occur at night, approximately 72%, and sadly many of those involve hit and runs.

Although a driver who hits a pedestrian is most likely at fault (there are some exceptions), there may be other contributing factors as well such as unmaintained roads or unsafely designed intersections. In some instances, a municipality (State, City or County), may bear some responsibility for the accident for creating or failing to address an unsafe road condition.

If you are the unfortunate victim of a pedestrian accident and have been hit by a motor vehicle, there are steps and procedures that can be followed to give yourself the best possible chance of recovering appropriate damages. Damages can include the cost of medical treatment, both now and in the future, lost wages due to missed work and opportunities, costs such as additional child care, and many other costs that you may not have even considered. A serious injury can be incredibly disruptive in someone’s life and McFarlin LLP is here to ensure you are fully and completely compensated for your loss.


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