Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents in Orange County

As our streets and roadways have become more and more crowded with cars, trucks, busses and other commercial vehicles, many have turned to cycling as an efficient and environmentally friendly way to commute. Additionally many recreational cyclists have to share the road with aggressive and distracted drivers. This can be a formula for disaster for cyclists as anytime a motor vehicle and a bicycle make contact on the roadway, it can lead to significant injuries and damages for the cyclist. There is virtually no defense for a motor vehicle driver who hits a cyclist, and the cyclist should not have to suffer because of an aggressive or distracted driver.

For over a decade the bicycle accident attorneys at McFarlin LLP have been representing cyclists in motor vehicle collisions. Bicycle Accident Litigation can often be resolved relatively quickly because in most accidents there is no causation question, the motor vehicle is at fault. From our experience, some common causes of Bicycle Accidents include:

  • Failure to Notice Cyclist
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Alcohol or Drug related Impairment
  • Motor Vehicle making Illegal or Unsafe Turns
  • Drivers Failing to Yield to a Cyclist
  • Sudden Lane Changes or Erratic Driving

After a Bicycle Accident has occurred, make sure to see a doctor as soon as possible. Unfortunately many cyclists end up needing emergency medical treatment, which is always the Number 1 priority. Bicycle Accidents, especially in the densely populated Urban areas of Southern California, are typically quite serious, but even if injuries seem less serious, a cyclist should always get a doctor’s examination after an incident.

Although Police typically arrive on the scene of a Bicycle Accident quickly, it is important to know that a Police Report is often of critical importance in a Bicycle Injury Lawsuit. The Police will determine the parties involved and report the events which led to injuries. When a cyclist is laid out on the curb it is difficult to run down everyone’s personal information and insurance. The Police also typically take photos and interview witnesses of everyone at the scene. This Police Report is of critical importance in Bicycle Accident Litigation.

Finally, after any Bicycle Accident, it is critically important to meet with and engage a Bicycle Accident Attorney. Damages and injuries can linger and medical expenses can add up. Having a top Bicycle Accident Attorney with skilled litigation knowledge can ensure you don’t get stuck paying out of pocket and get the compensation you are entitled to under California Law. We handle all interactions with investigators, Police, and insurance companies so you can focus on recovery.

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