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After an auto accident but before an auto accident lawsuit, in order to minimize personal injury liability, insurance companies will usually call or interview all parties involved before those parties hire a personal injury law office. This is an effort to get statements from them to benefit the insurance company…the interview call can seem innocent enough, but in reality it is a calculated effort to limit personal injury liability and avoid having to deal with a personal injury law office or personal injury firm.

Personal Injury Firm

A personal injury law office is bad news for insurance companies, and good news for you. A personal injury firm or personal injury law office will make sure you get reimbursed not only for the actual damages you suffer such as car repairs and medical expenses, but can also seek damages for your pain and suffering as well as lost wages. In most cases, this requires the filing of an auto accident lawsuit by your personal injury firm.

Personal Injury Suit | Auto Accident Lawsuit

After you begin the auto accident process with your personal injury law office, the next step is to file the personal injury suit. Your personal injury firm will evaluate and analyze the situation, statements and documents, and then get the lawsuit filed for you. The question most clients ask our personal injury attorneys is how much will the personal injury damages be including pain and suffering? This is a perfectly reasonable question, but is hard to answer until the later stages of the personal injury suit. What often limits damages are the insurance company “policy limits” or how much the other driver is insured for. It’s something our personal injury attorneys would be happy to discuss in more detail with you.

Personal Injury Attorneys | Personal Injury Lawyers

After an auto accident, time and information are critical. The other driver’s insurance company is an “adverse party” and will try to ruin your personal injury lawsuit (no matter how nice they seem on the phone). Their job is to pay you as little as possible. It is critical you work with a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney or personal injury lawyer you can trust. McFarlin LLP is that firm. Our auto accident attorneys work to get you a fair and speedy recovery. Our lawyers represent clients in all aspects of personal injury and auto accidents in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Sacramento and throughout California . We have offices in Orange County, Los Angeles to serve you. Call our personal injury firm today at (888) 728-0044.