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Real Estate Transactions and Financing

Many states require a real estate transaction attorney or a closing attorney to be involved in any real estate transaction that takes place. However, California does not happen to be one of those states, so for most real estate transactions buyers and sellers are “on their own” with only their real estate agent to guide them. Many of our real estate transaction clients are justifiably not comfortable entering into possibly the largest transaction of their life without first having an experienced real estate attorney review the purchase and finance documents. McFarlin LLP real estate attorneys and real estate brokers have been through many different types of real estate transactions and can guide you through this often difficult and confusing process.

Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements

Your real estate agent is great at helping you find the right home or find the right buyer for your property; however, under California law, they are not permitted (and not qualified) to give you any sort of legal advice. Although real estate contracts have been somewhat standardized and streamlined by the California of Realtors (CAR) Forms, you are still entering into a legal contract with long term implications and obligations. Compared to the cost of litigating some aspect of your purchase contract down the road, the relatively small cost of having a real estate attorney involved in your transaction is a wise investment.

At McFarlin LLP, our attorneys are not only highly skilled and experienced in real estate transactions, we are also real estate brokers and have been through hundreds of prior transactions, so we understand what may create issues down the road and we can protect you accordingly.

Attorneys Help Overcome the Confusion of Real Estate Financing

Real estate financing can be confusing and overwhelming for someone outside the real estate industry. Mortgage and financing documents are often long and incomprehensible. Even uncovering simple figures, such as how much the mortgage payment will be, can often be confusing. Most real estate purchasers enter into financing agreements with little understanding of what they are signing and the implications thereof. In years previous, this resulted in a flurry of “bad loans” wherein payments adjusted unexpectedly, balloon payments took homeowners by surprise, and foreclosures hit all-time highs. One of the primary causes of the most recent housing downturn was incomprehensible real estate financing contracts. To protect yourself in the future, it is a good idea to have an experienced real estate financing attorney review or help coordinate your real estate financing on any real estate purchase.

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Although the state of California does not require by law an attorney to be involved in every real estate transaction (as many states do), it is nonetheless a very good idea to have a transactional real estate attorney assist you with the purchase and finance of any real property purchase, sale or financing. The attorneys at McFarlin LLP are experienced in many different types of real estate sales and transactions. Our attorneys are skilled litigators as well so we understand the implications of what’s in the contract and where trouble may be lurking. Most contract review matters can be handled for a flat fee, and we will evaluate your matter at no initial charge. With our affordable legal services available to you, there’s no excuse to be confused or nervous about your real estate transaction or financing. Call us today at (888) 728-0044.


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