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California Foreclosure and Second Mortgage Deficiency: What are Your Options?

Going through a foreclosure is difficult. You publically lose your home, and your credit is temporarily destroyed. When you think things cannot get any worse, you find out that you have a second mortgage deficiency that was not paid off by the foreclosure.

So now you owe money on the house that you already lost to the bank?

If this scenario seems familiar, you are not alone. California banks were once only too happy to grant second mortgages to homeowners who were eager to tap into the equity in their homes to meet pressing financial needs, such as medical expenses, paying off high-interest credit cards, or paying education expenses.

However, as home values took a turn for the worst and the equity in homes evaporated, there was often no money left to pay off the first mortgage, and certainly not enough to pay off the second mortgage after foreclosure.

There are no easy answers to this kind of dilemma. The best option you have is to seek the assistance of an experienced foreclosure defense attorney who understands your financial circumstances and can help you sort out all of your financial issues, potentially working with the bank to find a settlement that will benefit both parties.

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