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Effective Debt Elimination Defenses (Collection Violations)

Are Debt Collectors Going Too Far?

If you are repeatedly being contacted by debt collectors, you have a right to know if they are acting in accordance with the law. While most bill collectors will be careful to comply with laws regarding how and when they can communicate with you, however, there are many that routinely violate acceptable practices by calling repeatedly and calling at prohibited times of day among other common violations. It is worth it to learn what debt collectors are allowed to do and what actions are prohibited.

Learn more about the common collections violations that occur.

Hire a Debt Collection Attorney to Stops Calls Now

Did you know after you engage a debt collection attorney you never have to speak to collectors again? It’s true. You can refer collectors to your qualified debt lawyer, who will then not only field the calls and all other communications, but can also negotiate on your behalf to settle your debt at a reduced amount.

Contact the Southern California debt collection attorneys at McFarlin law today either online or by calling 949-544-2640 and never speak to a debt collector again.


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