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Credit Report Restoration (Credit Report Errors)

Credit Report Errors Ruining Your Credit and Your Life? We Can Help

There is a good chance that you could be one of the 40 million consumers with an error-riddled credit report. And if you are one of the millions that have tried to correct the errors on your own, you know the frustrations that come with spending hours and hours with back and forth communications, never knowing if they reporting agencies are ever going to fix the problem.

We can help. A credit report error attorney at McFarlin LLP knows that correcting a credit report error is easier said than done.

Credit Report Errors Negatively Impact Your Life

While credit report errors are actually a big deal to you — they result in your credit score being lowered which increases interest rates on loans, increases your insurance costs, and can even impact whether you get a job — credit reporting agencies are not focused on making your credit report error-free. Even when you report the errors to the credit reporting companies, they put very limited resources into investigating errors and, ultimately, in addressing them.

Get Your Credit Reports Fixed for Free

You don’t have to take this injustice lying down. A credit report error attorney at McFarlin LLP may be able to fix your credit reporting errors, and it won’t cost you a dime to get your credit report fixed. In fact, you could actually end up with cash in hand.

Here is how it works.

  • We help you obtain a copy of your credit report if you don’t already have it.
  • You review the report and tell us where the errors are and what information needs to be corrected.
  • We inform the credit bureaus about the errors and demand that they make the corrections.
  • If they make the corrections as instructed, great! Your report is now error-free and it cost you nothing.
  • If, however, the credit bureaus fail to correct your report as requested, we collect a payment from them and then turn over the first $1,000 to you.
  • Only after you receive $1,000 do we charge you any attorney’s fees.

You deserve to have accurate information reflected on your credit reports. Let us fix the problem for you free of charge.

Talk to a Southern California Credit Report Error Attorney Today

The credit report error attorneys at McFarlin LLP are experienced at holding the credit reporting agencies accountable. Take control of your credit score today. Call us at 949-544-2640 or contact us online today to learn more about how McFarlin LLP can help you get your credit report corrected.


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