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Why Choose a Debt Lawyer For Debt Settlement Assistance?

If you are reading this page, the chances are good that you or someone you care about is looking for relief from the burden of substantial debt.

McFarlin LLP debt lawyers understand the stress that you feel as you try to cope with overwhelming debt. We also understand that there is conflicting information on the Internet, in advertisements, and even offered by friends that provide advice about debt settlement.

When it comes right down to it, you have three choices: try to settle the debt yourself, use professional legal representation to settle your debt, or use a non-lawyer service agent.

Why DIY Debt Settlement is Not a Good Idea

There are many reasons not to attempt debt settlement negotiations on your own, and instead turn to a debt lawyer for assistance.

  1. First, you are, understandably, emotionally involved in the outcome. Sometimes when people are feeling a lot of pressure, they make choices that might not be in their best interest.
  2. Second, you probably don’t have a lot of experience negotiating with creditors and credit collection agencies. There is an art to dealing with aggressive debt collectors. Professionals have spent years perfecting the art of debt settlement negotiations.
  3. Third, all creditors are not alike. It takes an experienced debt collection professional such as a dedicated debt lawyer to know what you are up against with creditors. Different banks and credit card companies have different expectations and negotiate in different ways. Some threaten lawsuits but never follow through, while others are quick to file lawsuits if negotiations linger on too long. Some creditors will go way lower than a DIY debtor could ever imagine. The experienced debt relief attorneys at McFarlin LLP have likely worked with your creditors before, or others very much like them. Experience can be worth a lot when it comes to negotiating for debt reduction.

Why Choose a Professional Debt Lawyer

McFarlin LLP debt lawyers are highly skilled negotiators with the know-how to get you a debt settlement that will work to your advantage. Most of the time, you will be able to avoid a creditor lawsuit if you have entered into good-faith debt settlement negotiations. But even if a credit card company or bank ends up suing you, you would have already lawyered up and will already have the advantage of having an advocate by your side.

When you work with a debt lawyer, you are working with a licensed professional who is governed by state rules of ethics and laws regarding professional responsibility and fair dealings. Attorneys are required by these rules to charge only reasonable fees for services and to give your case the time and attention it deserves.

Beware of Non-Lawyer Debt Settlement Agencies

Non-lawyer debt settlement companies are not held to these same standards. Many resort to shady tactics to mislead not only the creditor, but also their own client into thinking a debt has been settled when it has not. In some cases, the Debt Settlement companies have even been known to just keep the settlement money themselves.

When you work with a McFarlin debt lawyer, you know who you are dealing with because you meet with us face-to-face or at the very least have a call with one of our attorneys. Many of the debt settlement companies that advertise on the Internet, the radio and on television, will only engage with you remotely. This means you have no idea who is working with you. With McFarlin debt lawyers, we shake your hand, look you in the eye, and commit to do our best to help you resolve your situation.

Many banks, credit card companies, and other creditors won’t even work with these so-called consultants. They have been burned too many times by their previous experiences to trust them to deal fairly.

You should also know that most of the non-lawyer debt relief agencies have a vested interest in getting a deal done whether or not it is in your best interest. By law, they cannot receive payment until a settlement is made. They need to churn out as many settlements as possible to make money. And churn them out they do, even when the settlement is not as good a deal as you could have gotten using the services of an experienced debt lawyer.

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