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Credit Card Lawsuit

Credit Card Lawsuit? Let Us Help Settle Your Debt

Have you received notice that a credit card company is suing you? If so, you need to call a McFarlin LLP credit card lawsuit attorney now.

The worst thing you can do when facing a credit card lawsuit is to ignore it. If you don’t respond, the credit card company will very likely get a default judgment against you, which could end up costing you not only the amount of your debt but added expenses like attorney fees and interest.

Once the credit card company has a judgment against you, they can go after your bank accounts, take money directly out of your paycheck, and even get hold of assets you own outright to settle the debt.

Credit Card Lawsuit Defense

Alternatively, it is very likely you have some very good defenses to your credit card lawsuit and don’t even realize it. There is nothing wrong with defending the lawsuit and making the creditor prove the debt. This includes producing a copy of the written contract between the parties (which they typically don’t have), producing admissible documents to support their claim (which they typically don’t have), and producing a witness with “personal knowledge” to authenticate documents regarding your specific account (which again they typically don’t have).

So as you can see from this very brief overview, there are plenty of challenges to be made when it comes to credit card lawsuits and many defenses you can raise. Most credit card lawsuits result in either a default judgment by the creditor where the debtor does not respond, or an outright dismissal of the lawsuit where the creditor does not have the evidence. Which category do you want to fall into?

Contact a McFarlin LLP Credit Card Lawsuit Attorney

Let a McFarlin LLP credit card lawsuit attorney help you. We have experience litigating and winning credit card lawsuits.

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