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Consumer and Credit Card Debt (Creditor Lawsuits)

Creditor Lawsuits: What Are Your Options?

If you have been served a Complaint by a credit card company or a collection agency, you are probably wondering where to turn and what to do. At McFarlin LLP, our experienced debt relief lawyers are here to guide you through the legal process. We have a long history of successfully defending our clients against creditor lawsuits, and our attorneys will do everything possible to get you the most favorable result. Although no one can ever predict or guarantee a particular result, most credit card lawsuits end in either a default judgment by the creditor (which we won’t let happen) or an outright dismissal of the case by the creditor.

Even if you offer to make payments on your bill or to pay it off in full, the creditor or collections agency can still sue you. In fact, if they do file suit, they will seek both the amounts you allegedly owe plus outrageous interest, fees, and costs which can double the debt. It is much better to work through a debt relief attorney to negotiate alternatives and defend the lawsuit if you’ve been sued.

What to Do After Receiving a Complaint or If You Miss a Deadline

You always have defenses to the allegations in a credit card lawsuit Complaint, and there is nothing wrong with making the creditor prove their case, after all, they are the plaintiff and have the burden of proof. There are many defenses consumers and business owners are not even aware of which a knowledgeable attorney will raise for you. Frankly, it is unlikely the creditor even still has possession of the actual contract. To get started on your defense, contact a McFarlin LLP debt relief lawyer immediately. If you do not answer the complaint or if you miss the deadline to file your response, the creditor will get a judgment against you automatically.

Even if there is a judgment entered against you in favor of the creditor, a McFarlin debt relief lawyer can still advocate on your behalf for debt relief, as there may be limits to how much can actually be collected. We have extensive experience with “Claims of Exemption” to reduce the monthly payment substantially even after a judgment has been entered against you.

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An experienced debt relief lawyer can advise you on how to handle a creditor lawsuit. Call McFarlin LLP at 949-544-2640 or contact us online today for a free consultation. Our Irvine, California-based attorneys are ready to help. The sooner you call, the sooner you can get your creditors off your back.


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