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Off Site Attorney Services for Your California Business

Any sized business in California can benefit from the services of an in-house attorney, but not every business can afford to pay for a full time attorney.  For small to mid-sized businesses, an offsite attorney can fill the shoes of an in-house attorney almost seamlessly.  An offsite attorney can provide attorney services over the phone, via fax, and over the web.  An offsite attorney can be contracted for a period of time or on a per assignment basis.  They usually allow their clients to call them at any time during business hours for legal advice or to review legal documents.  Many off site attorney services will also allow their clients to call them at any time if any major emergencies come up.

Off site attorney services provide litigation support for an additional fee, but usually at a discounted and pre-determined hourly rate.  This allows businesses the opportunity to plan for litigation and offers the option to settle out of court if advised by counsel and if financially prudent.

Many people might think that off site attorney services for their business are like the pre-paid legal services advertised on the web and on television, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  With pre-paid legal services a business owner will not usually have an option of what attorney is assigned to their case nor will communication with the attorney be very efficient.  Many people have complained over the years that pre-paid legal services are nothing but a scam that charges monthly fees for little to no work when legal services are needed most.  Pre-paid legal might be a good idea to have a will or two reviewed, but no business owner should place the future of their business in a service that has grown to become an affiliate marketing opportunity that closely resembles a pyramid scheme.    

By hiring a specific firm close to a business, a business owner has the ability to schedule face to face appointments with their attorney at any time and has the freedom to talk to the attorney that they want to talk to, not one assigned by a third party.  This can be very important for maintaining consistency throughout the life of the business.  A single attorney dedicated to servicing a single business will be able to better make decisions on behalf of their client because they will know the expectations and desires of their clients.  This will allow the offsite attorney to better service their client by allowing them to be more intuitive about the level of service that the client expects.  Clients usually appreciate this level of service because it saves time and effort on the part of the client.

Contact a local attorney to determine whether or not they would be able to offer off site attorney services for a particular business.  Many attorneys who do not normally offer this type of service may consider offering it if it means a consistent and long term client.  Costs will vary depending on the amount of legal guidance and service that a business requires.