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No Early Bird Special for Senior Citizen’s DUI

One’s never too old to be arrested for DUI.  75 year-old, Salima Gonin proved this clearly when recently arrested for driving under the influence, property damage and leaving the scene of an accident, in Lee County, Florida.

“I was doing some shopping in the plaza…I was coming around the corner and I scraped a car,” said the 75 year-old.  Lee County deputies reported Gonin smashed into three parked vehicles, then, tried to flee the scene.  She apologized for driving away and explained she was only trying to get out of harm’s way and as far away as possible from the lot—without doing further damage.

She first hit a parked car near a North Fort Myers Dollar General and proceeded towards CVS.  Gonin said, “Finally, when I heard no more scraping, I stopped…The police had come and they put the handcuffs on me.”  According to their report of the incident, the deputies said the senior reckless driver went from one crash right into another.

When asked if she was drunk, Salima Gonin replied, “I’d had a couple of shots of wine,” and contested she was “okay” to drive.  Later she claimed, “I felt fine. I did my shopping.”

Lee County (and all of Florida for that matter) is no stranger to the DUI.  Already, from Monday, August 2nd to Sunday, August 8th (2010), there have been 19 DUI arrests.  The eldest of the 19 was a 63 year-old male.  Overall, however, since 1982, it seems the numbers of alcohol-related fatalities on the road have been steadily dropping.

Back on April 27th, the state House of Representatives passed a proposed Florida DUI law which calls for convicted DUI offenders to have to breathe into “an alcohol ignition device,” which basically acts as the car’s very own breathalyzer—if one’s BAC (blood alcohol content) level is .025%, the car will not start.  After receiving a landslide 114-0 vote, the proposed law is presently, still waiting to see some Senate action.