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Memphis Firefighter Gets 2 DUIs in 2 Months

In Memphis, a firefighter has been arrested for DUI—for the second time in two months. The firefighting veteran, David Gann, has served his department for 12 years. He was recently the cause of a three-car accident according to a local police affidavit.

While the affidavit itself fails to go into the accident’s exact details, police reported Gann failed a field-sobriety test. He also refused to take the breathalyzer test as police noted he stuck a wad of tobacco in his mouth in effort to cover the smell of alcohol.

To make matters worse for the firefighter, the police found both a loaded handgun and an open beer bottle in his car. The Memphis Fire Department’s spokesman, Keith Staples said any such disciplinary action(s), would occur once David Gann is out of jail.

Back in May, Gann was charged with DUI. At the time of his arrest in May, his five year-old daughter was in the car. This lead to other charges against him. leading to other charges. His blood-alcohol content, in May, was .137—the legal limit is .08.

Gann is not alone. In March, another Memphis firefighter, 27 year-old, Alan Kog got a DUI and was also charged with reckless driving. “He took out a mailbox in that yard over there, and then ran through the yards,” one of the victims of Kog’s driving, Sarah Roberson, said. He then smashed into her parked car, “my back tires were up on the curb, my car was pushed back,” she said.

Inside Alan Kog’s wrecked truck, police found both an open beer can and open bottle. Kog told police, “he’d been drinking” and “thought he was okay to drive.” He also refused a breathalyzer test.