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Lawnmower DUI? Rare Yet Very Possible

Recently, in Anthony, Florida, Richard Paschen was charged with DUI while driving a lawnmower while intoxicated.  Marion County Sheriff’s Office caught Paschen driving a red lawnmower—a cup of beer in the cup holder.  Though he refused a breathalyzer test, the drunken lawnmower driver told Deputy Miller he had “a pretty good bit to drink” and “got lost on his way home.”  Paschen’s driver’s license has been suspended—he already has several prior DUIs under his belt.

DUI for driving a lawnmower rarely happens…but it happens.  In fact, earlier this year, in Green Cove Springs, also in Florida, Damon Hayward got on his lawnmower and drove to his local gas station.  Hayward was eventually pulled over for not having headlights and then arrested for DUI.  According to the police report, Hayward was overly apologetic.  Later, it was revealed this was not his first DUI.

And finally, in Athens, Tennessee, Jimmy Graham, Jr., smelled of alcohol on top of failing his sobriety test, when pulled over driving a lawnmower.  He admitted to police he had been drinking beer and had also taken some prescribed “stress relievers.”  He was later also charged with aggravated burglary and theft.

Sometimes, when police least expect it, they will find someone driving under the influence, something other than an automobile.  This may include a lawnmower, a bicycle or even a boat (Boating Under the Influence).  If you or someone you know is facing DUI charges or has been involved in a DUI-related incident, you should contact an experienced lawyer.