Is Bankruptcy Right For Me?

My intention for these videos was I was going to get dressed up professional, put a tie on, put a suit on, go somewhere with good lighting and good acoustics and make some legitimate professional videos with information and production quality and all that but I found that the harder I tried to make a good video the worse the video would turn out. So if I had a bunch of people there setting it up, that would be great, the video quality would be terrific but it’s not easy to just have the camera turn on and say “Okay, go make a video”, talk about what it is that you think people would be interested in. It doesn’t really come to you that easily especially when you’re under that much pressure.

Maybe it’s just me but it was a hard situation, so then I tried to make videos myself and I’d set the whole thing up or the good background and whatnot and tried to dress a little nicer than this, I’m just wearing kind of a t-shirt type thing today. But that didn’t work but I was in just putting pressure on myself and being tied about it and it didn’t turn out well so I thought maybe the best thing to do is to just sit on the couch and talk to the camera like I’m just talking to a client. And so that’s what I figured I’d try. It’s a relationship where the less I try the better the video ends up turning out it seems like, so I pretty much just sat on the couch, turned on the camera, I don’t think I even cleaned the kitchen up in the background. It’s Saturday so I don’t really have anything else going on other than making videos and maybe watching some baseball later.

But I know that there are questions out there that people have about bankruptcy, about loan modification, about foreclosure, about all sorts of legal topics and I’m a real estate attorney so I am somewhat qualified to answer most of those questions and I’d like to. People struggle with questions and decisions and what they tend to do I’ve found is they go to Google and just type in whatever their legal problem is and they look to Google for guidance. For example, they’ll say, “Should I file bankruptcy”, well that’s a big question and that’s a personal question that everyone asks to sort of make for themselves, analyze their own personal financial situation.

Search engine isn’t going to tell you whether to file bankruptcy or not but frankly, if you’re thinking about typing that into Google and you’re searching “Should I file bankruptcy” the answer probably is yes, you probably should file bankruptcy. If you’ve got creditors calling you all the time, harassing you at work, harassing you at home, making threats and disrupting your life, if you’ve got potential lawsuits or lawsuits that were already filed against you for credit cards or unpaid bills, unsecured loans, medical bills whatever it is, that’s a good reason to file bankruptcy right there. If you’ve got a foreclosure that you think might be coming down the road, that’s a good reason to file bankruptcy.

Wage garnishment, bank levy, all these things that creditors can do eventually can really cause a lot of harm in someone’s life. If you’re thinking about filing bankruptcy, if you’re struggling with the burden of debt and you don’t see any good way out, if you’re not able to make a substantial payment every month, pay off a third of it or a quarter of it out of your income every month and you’re just going to struggle making minimum payments for the next two years, not getting anywhere, spinning your wheels, paying maybe a little bit of the interest where the balances never go away, you’re in a cycle that it’s going to be pretty hard to break unless something big happens, right, unless you get a new job and make twice as much money or you get a huge bonus or win the lottery or something like that but come on, that’s not really realistic.

The best thing to do is probably to file bankruptcy. There are so many people out there who want to badmouth bankruptcy and talk about how it’s immoral or unethical or whatever but that’s just not the case. Bankruptcy is a financial decision, it’s based on numbers, it’s based on logic, and it’s not based on what somebody thinks that someone else should do. Those judgmental people that say “You shouldn’t file bankruptcy. You should just struggle with the burden of debt forever”, they haven’t been in your shoes, they haven’t been in your financial situation and they have no business telling you what to do. If you’re looking around for good advice, if you’re looking for good reasons or validation or permission to file bankruptcy, all the things I mentioned, those are really good reasons to file bankruptcy.

Having creditors calling you all the time, having a lawsuit or potential lawsuit, threats of lawsuits, foreclosure, wage garnishment, bank levy, those are all definitely things that you ought to consider filing bankruptcy because of. It’s okay. You can forgive yourself. It’s not a big deal. You will recover from bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a temporary thing, you file it, and you get it over with, put it behind you, never look back and just move on. All the money you make in the future, that’s yours, your money to keep, spin, save, and do what you like. So get yourself a fresh start, don’t worry about any stigma or any nonsense like that. It doesn’t happen out there, and let’s do it. File bankruptcy and move on with your life.

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