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At McFarlin LLP, we represent the communities of Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Tustin and Lake Forest through our Irvine office in all types of legal matters. Irvine has become a big business and employment center for all types of companies and residents. With such commercial and residential diversity, unusual legal matters are commonplace; our law firm addresses those unique needs.

Some of the areas served by our Irvine lawyers include Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Tustin and Lake Forest. We offer free consultations to our prospective clients please call (949) 544-2640, or email us

Bankruptcy Lawyers Irvine

With the difficult economy throughout Orange County fewer jobs, and aggressive creditors, bankruptcy can be a huge “safety valve” for many consumers. The rising cost of living in Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Tustin and Lake Forest can be especially challenging with large amounts of debt. Even a minor disruption in income can leave you exposed to creditor law suits, wage garnishment, bank levies and judgments. Your Irvine bankruptcy attorneys at McFarlin LLP can solve these debt problems right now.

Foreclosure Attorney Irvine

With a mix of established communities and newer developments, the residential landscape in Irvine is constantly developing. Even affluent and desirable historic communities like Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Tustin and Lake Forest were not immune from the recent real estate downturn. McFarlin LLP can help you avoid foreclosure through our foreclosure defense litigation practice. We typically must initiate mortgage litigation prior to foreclosure to be assured lenders can not foreclose on our clients’ properties. This gives us the necessary time and opportunity to negotiate a favorable mortgage loan modification or workout scenario with your lender.

Loan Modification Attorneys Irvine

Simply submitting a loan modification “request” often does not put nearly enough pressure on mortgage lenders or stop foreclosure. We usually must initiate Mortgage Litigation in order to secure our clients the best loan modification possible and avoid foreclosure. The loan modification becomes a convenient way for lenders to settle the litigation case and avoid liability and future legal costs.

Short Sale Lawyer Irvine

Nearly half of all Irvine homeowners are “upside down” in their properties, and need a safe and legal way to “walk away” without having any future legal problems. McFarlin LLP has built a reputation on safely and legally maximizing your time in the property (up to 2 years or more), and shielding you from long term consequences. Our specialized Short Sale approach is designed keep you in your property as long as the law allows, but we must represent you both legally and as your Real Estate Broker. We provide a service no Realtor can offer, we absolutely maximize your time in the property. Every extra month we get for you is money in your pocket.

We offer free legal consultations. Let us assist you with your legal matters, contact us today (949) 544-2640, or email us.

Real Testimonials

Attorney McFarlin helped our family get out from under a mountain of debt. Thank you!

They were all sympathetic to my situation, especially Tim McFarlin. I don’t usually write reviews, but there are so many people claiming bankruptcy these days, that I thought it would be helpful to let people know of a good lawyer.

Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Loan Modification & Short Sale Lawyers

Our job is to fix your financial problems by listening to your objectives and formulating a plan to meet all your goals. Whether it’s a foreclosure, credit card debts, lawsuits, collections or judgments, let our Irvine Attorneys offer you the right solution. We can also offer assistance or referrals in any other area of law including Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Business Litigation, and DUI/Criminal Defense. Call us today for a free consultation and financial evaluation. Let us assist you with your legal matters, contact us today (949) 544-2640, or email us.

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