Indiana Clerk-Treasurer Busted for DUI

Recently, in Jeffersonville, Indiana, the city’s Clerk-Treasurer, Peggy Wilder, was arrested for allegedly, an alcohol-related DUI.  At approximately 1:45AM, Wilder was found driving within proximity of the 2nd Street Bridge.  Only two years ago, 250 auto-related deaths in Indiana occurred, where at least one driver had a BAC of 0.01% or higher.  In July of ’09, Jeffersonville’s population was 32,981.

She was arrested by Indiana State Police when, according to the Clarksville Sheriff’s Department’s spokesperson, she “blew a .10 on the breathalyzer test and was taken to the Clark County Jail.”  She was soon released and is due in Jeffersonville court to face charges.

Peggy Wilder’s lawyer, Bradley Jacobs said in an interview, “She wanted to make it clear to everybody, she apologizes; she knows it was an error in judgment and a bad mistake. She’s not a bad person.”  However, this DUI incident is following a few other legal woes which bring her to court often.

Last month, the Clerk-Treasurer appeared in court to respond to charges she “charged personal expenses to the city,” and utilized Jeffersonville credit cards for personal matters from 2004-’08.  Suspiciously as well, Wilder had a prior conviction for trading a car—she had no title for.

Contrary to the past and present charges, Wilder remains in office, in large part because under Indiana law, an elected official may not be removed from office—promoting Jeffersonville Mayor, Tom Galligan to say, “I get along with Peggy, I get along with her staff, and we’re going to do the best we can until 2012, and then we’ll do what the law states then.”

Council has rehashed an ordinance to introduce a credit limit and regulate the number of credit cards given to the various departments within city government.