How Do You Talk about Foreclosure with Children?

There are few life events as potentially traumatic as foreclosure. It is important to discuss foreclosure with your family so that your children are not left confused and scared about what is happening. Even if your children are not quite old enough to fully understand, it can still help to open a dialogue. Children can tell when something is wrong and they probably have questions that need answers.

In fact, answering your child’s questions is a good place to start. Ask them what questions they have for you. Your child may be concerned how the move will affect pets, friends and school. These are concerns that should be addressed. You do not, however, have to go into great detail of the actual foreclosure process. You do not necessarily need to discuss the housing crash, but it might help to express how many families go through similar problems and how they are able to land on their feet.

There are few things as important as your child’s trust. While you may want to hold back certain details of the foreclosure, remember that your children believe in you. Sugar coating aspects of the foreclosure can prove useful, but lying could fracture your child’s trust. Try to be straightforward and truthful at all times.

Remember to speak with hope about the future. If your child has never lived out of your home, he or she may be nervous about moving. Let your child know all of the great things in your life that will remain the same. You will provide love and support no matter what roof you are under.

Last but not least, make sure you make time for your children during the foreclosure process. You may feel overwhelmed with work and tasks that must be completed quickly. Make a concerted effort to spend time with your children doing the things you loved to do before the threat of foreclosure began. Focus on the little things that make you and your family happy.

Don’t forget to seek guidance throughout the claim process. It can help to have an experienced Orange County foreclosure lawyer by your side to fight for your rights and ensure that you are being treated fairly.