HOPE NOW Continues to Assist SoCal Homeowners

Recently, the HOPE NOW Alliance, Making Home Affordable and NeighborWorks America programs, held four days of events and hosted nearly 2,576 at-risk homeowners. All who attended came to learn how to lower their mortgage payments and avoid foreclosure.

Homeowners were also given the opportunity to bring in any documents necessary to complete applications for the Obama administration’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).

HOPE NOW’s Executive Director, Faith Schwartz said, “HOPE NOW has participated in face-to-face events in Southern California five times since October of last year. Our servicer members have worked hard on the ground to work directly with at-risk borrowers and we feel like we are making progress, even in these hardest hit housing markets. We appreciate the efforts of our non-profit and government partners in making these events successful and meaningful.”

Those in attendance discovered they were able to meet with banks and representatives to work on loan modifications. Most homeowners have had difficulty in making payments on time and need to adjust accordingly, but when rejected for loan modifications, it makes matters more stressful. These programs and their seminars are offering a solution which, so far, is proving very helpful to many homeowners.

The free events led by HOPE NOW continue with workshops scheduled for May 26 in Kansas City, Missouri; June 2 in San Francisco, California; and June 3 and 4 in Oakland, California.