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GA’s Grady County Cracks Down on DUI

The Grady County Sheriff’s Office in Thomasville, Georgia is developing greater strategies to decrease the number of DUI arrests inside its jurisdiction. “A person that gets behind the wheel impaired is not only putting themselves at risk,” said Sheriff Harry Young, “but also others who may just be coming home from work or on their way out to dinner. It’s a lot cheaper to call a taxi or a friend to pick you up instead of getting a DUI. We want people to realize we are not going to put up with it in Grady County.”

Sheriff Young pointed out DUI arrests have doubled within the last year alone. Presently, at least two DUIs a weekend occur. Grady County, in response to these statistics, will increase their number of road blocks. “We don’t want it to just be on holidays when we know people will have consumed more alcohol,” said the Sheriff. “We want it to be a year-round project.”

With the help and support of the Georgia State Patrol Post 12, also in Thomasville, Grady County’s Sheriff’s Office recently increased their number of roadblocks. According to Georgia State Patrol Post 12 (who chooses different areas of focus for their DUI crackdown every weekend), 26 DUI-related arrests were made in one weekend alone under the increased efforts.

Though most think only of marijuana, cocaine and other such illegal drugs when it comes to driving under the influence of drugs, it was noted “anything with an adverse effect on normal functions of the body,” can be harmful. The Sheriff said the legally impaired limit is .08 blood alcohol level or above, however, he also pointed out the actual limit which “impairs drivers” varies person to person; driver to driver.

Grady County’s Sheriff’s Office will continue to boost its anti-DUI efforts until a successful improvement in DUI arrests is made. “We will not just be doing road blocks on main highways, but also on county roads and back roads,” Young stressed. “The plan is to keep doing some sort of road block every weekend and maybe some weekdays until we see a marked improvement. This seems to be the only thing that works and I feel like it is a good deterrent on DUIs.”