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Four Scariest Spots in Orange County

Old houses, abandoned psychiatric wards, dilapidated hotels – these places come up in the forefront of people’s minds when they think of ghosts and other spooky entities. However, the supernatural, if you believe in such a thing, can reside in the least likely places. Orange County, for example, is a sunny paradise with plenty of pristine beaches, luxurious shopping centers, and affluent neighborhoods. It’s hard to imagine any eerie happenings in such an area, but even the OC has its own ghosts hanging around, waiting to scare the pants off of the next witless victim.

The Happiest Place on Earth?

Disneyland, a Mecca of childish wonderment, innocence, and imagination, is not all it appears to be. It is common belief that the specter of Walt Disney himself roams the grounds of the Magic Kingdom. Some have reported seeing the ghost of a woman who met her premature end on the tracks of the Matterhorn. Appropriately enough, the Haunted Mansion is said to house the ghost of a weeping boy whose mother sprinkled his ashes there against his will.

It Tolls for Thee

According to many locals and visitors, the ghost of a monk without a face haunts Mission San Juan Capistrano. It is also said that a headless soldier patrols the grounds, perhaps resuming the duties he had back when he was still alive. Not only that, the bells are known to ring by themselves at random hours of the night.

We Don’t Go There at Night

By day, Black Star Canyon is a great hiking spot for nature lovers. By night, however, it becomes the scariest place in all of Orange County. Young thrill seekers often visit the infamous canyon to test their courage. A wide variety of strange and chilling things have been reported here, including ear-piercing shrieks, shape-shifting entities, sorrowful apparitions, and even cult activity.

Do Not Make Yourself at Home

The history Stanley House is located in the heart of Orange County and is said to contain several different spirits. The most infamous one, though, is purported to be the house’s original owner, Agnes Stanley. In her later years, she progressively lost her ability to climb the building’s stairs. Embittered by the experience, she now makes a point of obstructing the stairs in her afterlife, causing some visitors to have difficulty ascending to the second floor.

The experienced Irvine business law attorneys at McFarlin LLP hope you had a thrilling time reading these spooky tales.