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Employment Litigation Services in California

The most commonly filed types of lawsuits in California relate to employment law. California employment law has been modified and expanded many times over the past 20 years and the pace of expansion seems to only be getting faster. It seems every year the California legislature gives employees new causes of action to sue for, and employees new regulations to comply with. Unfortunately for employers, this is just part of doing business in California. For employees, California offers the most comprehensive (and complex) set of rules and regulations which employers must comply with or face costly litigation and potentially damaging settlements. Whether you are an employee seeking counsel on a difficult workplace situation, or an employer facing an employee challenge before the labor board, in court, or through some other administrative agency, the skilled Los Angeles employment law attorneys at McFarlin LLP can help you navigate this difficult regulatory environment.

Common Types of Employment Law Disputes

As discussed above, there are a great many California employment law regulations that can trip up employers and result in costly litigation. Sometimes, for example, an employment dispute is the result of a rogue manager or fellow employee acting outside the scope of his duties to harass another employee. Other times, an employment lawsuit can result from an employer simply not being aware of current regulations. Some of the most common employment law disputes involve the following:

  • Discrimination (race, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc.);
  • Sexual Harassment;
  • Hostile Work Environment;
  • Wrongful Termination;
  • Wage and Hour (failure to provide rest and meal breaks);
  • Overtime Claims
  • Misclassification (employee vs. independent contractor);
  • Breach of Employment Contract.

Any employment law dispute can be significant and challenging for both the employee and the employer and requires the expertise of an experienced and affordable employment law attorney. For an employee, reliving the incident and having the details of their harassment (for example) poured over in depositions is very hard and emotionally draining. For an employer, having the accusation floating around that they are running a hostile work environment can also be devastating to the business and relationships with other employees. If you are involved in any type of employment dispute or litigation, the experienced employment law and litigation attorneys at McFarlin LLP can guide you to the most efficient solution.

Employment Litigation

Many employment law firms are merely counselors and do not litigate cases, whereas at McFarlin LLP, our background is in litigation. This not only allows us to more effectively counsel our employer clients on what to avoid and what looks bad in Court, but also gives us an edge in any negotiation, making it easier for us to shut down frivolous complaints. Employment litigation is very much like any other type of business litigation, so hiring a skilled litigator is essential.

Alternatively, for our employee clients, we know when a claim is legitimate and when a claim would be frivolous; we won’t waste your time filing “nuisance cases” and can give you a clear picture of how a lawsuit may turn out. If you have a good claim, our Irvine employment litigation attorneys will file it for you and recover work hard to recover maximum appropriate damages; on the other hand, if your claim is questionable, we will be honest and straightforward about that as well so we don’t waste your time and energy.

Comprehensive Employment Law Services

The employment law attorneys at McFarlin LLP have litigated and settled many different types of employment law cases; no situation will surprise us; we’ve seen it all. We regularly represent both employers and employees, so we understand both sides of the issues and the motivations of the parties. This understanding of the other side is the key to reaching a favorable settlement for our clients. Employment attorneys who only represent one side have difficulty relating to and empathizing with the opposition and therefore struggle to resolve cases. Our employment litigators use every tool available to find a solution for any employment law dispute as painlessly and affordably as possible.

If you are involved in an employment law dispute or employment litigation, McFarlin LLP can help. To ensure your comfort level with us, we offer a free case evaluation and analysis by one of our experienced employment litigators. Call us today for your free consultation, and honest advice at (949) 570-5025.

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