Breach of Contract Litigation

Contract Disputes and Business Litigation

One of the most common types of lawsuits in California Superior Court is the breach of contract lawsuit. Businesses and individuals enter into contracts every day, and sometimes those contracts give rise to disputes. Whether it’s an allegation of one party failing to perform or the other party failing to pay for services, contract violation litigation can be a major drag on business operations and create a disruption in cash flow.

The business litigation and contract violation attorneys at McFarlin LLP understand the unique challenges a lawsuit can cause. When we analyze your contract dispute, we always focus on business solutions, rather than just litigation. Oftentimes, with a skilled litigator representing you, these matters can be resolved through negotiation or out of court settlement to minimize risk, exposure, and legal costs.

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Disputes That Give Rise to Contract Lawsuits

There are too many different types of contract matters to list. However, most involve a party not paying for goods or services from the other party. Frequently the non-paying party has what they feel is a very good reason for withholding payment, such as inferior quality goods or poor quality services. This is sometimes referred to as a strategic breach.

These “good reasons” take the form of defenses in a contract violation litigation matter. Additionally, a lawsuit can give rise to a “counterclaim” by the defendant for either strategic reasons (settlement leverage), or because they were genuinely damaged by the inadequate goods or services. Determining who is “right” in these matters can be a highly fact-sensitive endeavor for a Court.

Breach of Contract Litigation Strategies

The concept of “winning” a breach of contract or any other type of business litigation matter is more of a distraction than anything else. Frequently, both parties can feel like they “won” by settling the matter for some favorable terms and saving a substantial amount of money actually litigating the case to trial.

For example, if a customer is substantially behind on payments but agrees to pay most of what’s owed, both parties can feel like they got something out of the other through the settlement and saved time, money, and a business disruption in the process. At McFarlin LLP, we feel that it is our job to find our clients a real solution to their contract matter. Our solutions take into account the “big picture,” including the following:

  • Total costs
  • Business disruption
  • Employee distraction
  • Management time and loss of focus on growth
  • Dispute playing out in public records (court file)
  • Possible negative publicity

Obviously, there are many factors to consider in a disagreement matter, the litigation process can be long and disruptive to any business. The attorneys at McFarlin LLP will counsel you on these and other matters to find you the best overall solution.

Attorneys Serving Orange County

If you have been the target of a contract lawsuit, or are contemplating filing one, the knowledgeable and experienced business litigators at McFarlin LLP can achieve for you the best possible result. Our highest priority is preserving and maintaining your business operations with minimal disruption and costs. Sometimes this requires us to aggressively litigate the matter, other times our skilled negotiation techniques can eliminate the whole problem quickly.

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