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Finding Real Estate Success in 2014

Good news for homeowners: home prices for the most part are on the rise. The bad news? The average income in the nation hasn’t experienced any real growth in years while mortgage interest rates have. Less wealth and higher interest rates mean less prospective buyers. However, mortgage rates are still low from a historical viewpoint, and the economy is seemingly on the verge of rehabilitation, making 2014 a prime year for sellers.

If you are a homeowner who wishes to sell big this year, commit to the following guidelines:

  • Get your house in shape. Fix any broken utilities, do a fresh paint job, clean or replace the flooring, freshen up the yard, and get rid of any mold. pests, and other invasive life forms.
  • Consult with at least three different agents to formulate a comparative marketing analysis (CMA). It’s good to get different and fresh perspectives from multiple agents. The more options you have, the better your chances will be in selling your home for a satisfactory price.
  • Keep your expectations reasonable. Many homeowners make the mistake of placing an exorbitant price on their homes from the get go, and most of the time, these overpriced homes stay on the market for months or even years, losing value. Stay on top of local market trends and price your home accordingly.
  • Read before you sign. Even if a document seems endless, read it thoroughly before you sign it. Selling a home is a significant financial step to take, and any mistakes can be very, very costly to the point of profoundly affecting your future.

It is highly advised that you seek the assistance of one of the experienced Orange County real estate attorneys at McFarlin LLP. We will make sure you do what’s best for you in every step of the home selling process. Your home is a large investment, and being such, it needs the protection that can only be afforded by legal professionals who know what they are doing. Call us today at (888) 728-0044 for a free consultation.