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If you are repeatedly being contacted by debt collectors, you have a right to know if they are acting in accordance with the law. While most bill collectors will be careful to comply with laws regarding how and when they can communicate with you, there are many that routinely violate acceptable practices by calling repeatedly and calling at prohibited times of day, among other common violations. It is worth it to learn what debt collectors are allowed to do and what actions are prohibited.

Hire a Debt Collection Attorney to Stop Creditor Calls Now

Did you know that once you hire a debt collection attorney you never have to speak to collectors again? It’s true. You can refer collectors to your qualified debt lawyer, who will then not only field the calls and all other communications with the collection agencies that have been harassing you, but can also negotiate on your behalf to settle your debt at a reduced amount.

To learn more about the common collections violations that occur, and how hiring an attorney can put an end to these unfair practices, contact our Irvine debt collection attorneys at (949) 570-5025. We can also be reached online via our message form.

Common Aggressive and Illegal Debt Collection Violations

It is important to know that if persons attempting to collect a debt from you are engaging in practices that constitute debt collection violations under federal and/or California law, you have every right to take legal action against them.

    Some debt collections violations are, unfortunately, so common that many people are not aware that they are illegal. These include:

    • Collectors who call repeatedly and/or at hours that are too early (before 8 a.m.) or too late (after 9 p.m.)
    • Collectors who call you at work
    • Collectors who contact third parties who are not your attorney and are not authorized by you in an attempt to locate you
    • Placing telephone calls to you without properly identifying themselves as bill collectors
    • Using obscene or profane language
    • Threatening violence
    • Threatening you with arrest and prison if you don’t pay
    • Threatening you with property seizure if you don’t pay
    • Behaving violently toward you
    • Claiming to be lawyers when they are not
    • Trying to convince you that they are providing legal documents when they are not
    • Even though you have prohibited further contact in writing, contacting your family members and any co-debtors

    Other Familiar Debt Collection Violations

    Debt collectors will also use some more sophisticated tactics to try to collect a debt from you. These might include:

    • Threatening litigation without intent to follow through. While many debt collectors will pursue litigation to collect a debt, they are not allowed to threaten a consumer with litigation if they have no intention of suing you. McFarlin LLP can represent your interests where there is a threat of litigation, real or not.
    • Illegal student loan collection practices. Harassing debt collection calls and imposing unfair late fees when attempting to collect an outstanding student loan debt are illegal practices. Let your debt attorney know if this is taking place.
    • Illegal mortgage collection tactics. Debt collectors are not allowed to harass people who owe money on mortgages through aggressive pursuit of payment by phone or imposition of late fees. Furthermore, mortgage servicing companies are held to industry-specific consumer protections required by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPC).
    • Imposing so-called credit or debit card convenience fees contrary to law. Some creditors will charge a convenience fee when you make payments using credit or debit cards. Because they may be imposing these fees contrary to legal restrictions, a McFarlin LLP lawyer can determine whether you may be in a situation where you are being taken advantage of.

    You Are Protected From Illegal Debt Collections Practices & We Can Help You Fight Back

    Learn more about how to stop these debt collections violations and get your debt settled once and for all. Call McFarlin LLP at (949) 570-5025 or contact us online for a free consultation.

    We are often able to accommodate same-day appointments and we will always help you find an affordable monthly payment plan that works with your budget.

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