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Credit Repair Attorneys in Irvine

Restoring Hope in Your Financial Future

Rebuilding damaged credit is an arduous process, but it is necessary if you hope to finance a car or home at low rates. Bad credit scores can even discourage a potential employer from hiring you.

But you don’t need to navigate this process on your own. Our credit repair lawyers at McFarlin LLP hold high ethical standards and are fiercely determined to help return your credit to its normal, healthy state. We pride ourselves on serving our clients from beginning to end, helping them overcome financial hardship and build strong foundations for years to come.

    Call our credit restoration attorney today at (949) 570-5025 to learn about the credit repair process in Irvine.

    Who Can Help Me Fix My Credit?

    Woman looking at credit card billYou have already suffered the formidable consequences of poor credit. The last thing you need is more people attempting to take advantage of you in this vulnerable state. Sadly, many credit repair companies are fraudulent. Scams have become increasingly common throughout Orange County, where supposed companies claim they can repair your credit score, take your money, and vanish forever without offering any real help. Even legitimate credit repair companies are simply not effective, only raising your score by a few points.

    Thankfully, you can count on the McFarlin LLP team to give you authentic and credible counsel on all your credit needs. We have years of experience and a reputation for supporting our clients throughout the area, unlike the disreputable pop-up “repair shops” that instantly disappear once they have scammed you.

    In our process to help you restore your credit, we can:

    • Ensure your report is completely accurate
    • Perform a deep examination of your history of credit and debt, extending several years prior
    • Determine the best possible strategies for rebuilding your credit
    • Tailor your plan so it fits your individual needs based on your current income and savings

      We strive to help our clients feel supported, not judged. A broad variety of circumstances outside of your control could have led you to seek our guidance, and we want to help you restore your sense of confidence in your financial future.

      Contact our trustworthy legal team for a consultation with a credit repair attorney near you so that we can clearly assess your options.

      The Myth of "It Takes 10 Years To Restore Your Credit"

      If you are in the process of filing for bankruptcy, or you have just completed the process, you may be confused about what to do next. How in the world can you restore your credit, especially when many credit repair companies claim it might take you more than 10 years to return to your original score?

      You need to know that many companies spread these myths in order to make you feel compelled to use their services. In reality, even though bankruptcy will be listed on your report for a maximum of 10 years, you can still readily apply for new credit opportunities. In fact, your lower debt-to-income ratio will make you more eligible for credit than before bankruptcy.

      Get Reliable Help From An Experienced Attorneys

      While no magic technique can suddenly restore your credit to perfect health, an experienced credit repair attorney can guide you to the right solutions that will get your credit score back on track. McFarlin LLP offers many debt-relief solutions, including:

      Contact us now at (949) 570-5025 for trustworthy support from our credit repair attorneys in Irvine.

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