Collectors And Creditors Harassing Me

I got a couple of calls from a number that was restricted. I didn’t answer and then they called right back. I didn’t answer again, and they didn’t leave any message and it made me think this is obviously someone I don’t want to talk to, either a creditor or a marketing person, telemarketer, someone trying to sell something, someone trying to collect something and got me thinking about all those numbers. All those calls you get from either restricted numbers or unknown numbers or weird area codes, 519 or 7 or whatever it is, I never pick those up. Most people are the same way. If it’s a number that is unknown, no caller ID, restricted, weird area code, of course you’re not going to pick it up because there is such an unknown situation on the other end of the phone, who knows what that’s going to be.

It got me thinking about the person making that call. It’s easy enough for me to see that that’s a weird number and I don’t want to talk to anybody, but then on the other side of that call, it’s either a dialer or it’s somebody who just dials numbers as a creditor all day long trying to call and collect money, harass people and they don’t probably want to be making that call any more than you want to get that call. So, if they are calling people that don’t want to talk to them all day, that’s got to be a pretty tough job. It’s also tough when you’re receiving those creditor calls all day long, they’re blowing up your phone, calling continuously at work, at home, every number they can get their hands on. It’s really distracting and it’s really annoying. You’re trying to do something, you’re in the middle of buying something, getting a smoothie, whatever it is you do and you got to stop and pull your phone out of your pocket or your purse and see who it is. It could be someone important, right, it could be your friend, your wife, your mom whoever it is but it’s one of those weird numbers. It just disrupts your day.

On top of that, if you are to answer it, it’s not that you want to talk to that person, you probably just answered on accident. You hit answer instead of hit ignore and now you’re in this conversation you don’t want to be in with someone who you don’t want to talk to, and they’re trying to collect money or harass you because you’re late on a payment or whatever it is and no one wants that situation. So, it’s a question that people ask me all the time because how do you get the creditor calls to stop, how do you get those people who call you for no good reason other than just to harass you, how do you get them to stop calling? And one great way to get them to stop calling is Bankruptcy. Once you file bankruptcy, creditors can’t call you anymore. They can’t harass you, they can’t even text you or email you or even send you a collection letter because you get the automatic stay that goes into effect, makes it illegal for creditors to call you, puts an end to all of that and frankly, in a way, you’re putting them out of their misery as well because they don’t want to be calling you, they don’t want to call people that don’t want to talk to them all day, so it’s kind of a win-win for everyone.

You get to have the calls stopped and they get to stop calling you. So that was my thought on that. So if you’re thinking of filing bankruptcy because you’re getting creditor calls all day, it definitely works for that. There is no question. Bankruptcy gets filed; creditors have to stop calling you. If you’re wondering about that, that’s a good answer. I’m coming to you and answering your bankruptcy questions. If you have a question, send it to me in the comments. You can leave comments and questions down below the videos and I’ll try to make a video for you. I can’t promise anything of course but I’ll try. Looking for things to talk about, looking for questions to answer, so that might be a good way to start. Thanks for watching my video.

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