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oc Civil Litigation lawyer Civil litigation can affect any type of California business. Countless companies and employees face lawsuits every year, each with their own challenges. If not dealt with correctly, the damage to finances and reputation can derail a company permanently. While this may seem intimidating if you are faced with legal challenges, know that you have hope for success and a better future with the help of a skilled attorney.

At McFarlin LLP, our approach to litigation is simple. We develop a thorough understanding of your business and legal objectives so we can provide you with the most cost-effective solution. We focus on securing the most favorable results based on our clients’ individual goals and financial resources. Our experience in many industries and diverse practice areas allows us to give you the most effective legal representation and find you the solution you’ve been searching for.

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How Can Civil Litigation Affect Businesses?

Running a business properly involves many different areas of California. No matter what type of company you run, you will have to deal with customers, employees, and other businesses on a regular basis. These many interactions involve legal processes, such as contracts, workers’ compensation, and many different types of transactions.

While these processes will typically go according to plan, complications, misunderstandings, and clear violations may result in serious legal issues. Whether you are being accused of violating the law or are attempting to hold someone else responsible for their violations, the outcome of your case can shape the direction of your business for years to come.

Civil rights issues, breach of contract, trade secrets, fraud, misrepresentation, employment disputes, and corporate disputes are all serious legal matters that will need to be settled fairly and completed. Whether you are accusing others of committing such actions or being accused yourself, the outcome of your case can involve thousands to millions of dollars and affect public perception of your business.

How Can Legal Action Affect Employees?

If you are an employee and have had your rights violated by a company, you have just as much of a right to pursue legal action. When a business breaches its contract with you, disputes proper pay for your work, targets you with discriminatory actions, or otherwise affects you with illegal actions, you may be severely harmed.

It is not just a loss of a job and pay that you may experience, but can affect your career and personal life as a whole. No matter the size of the company that has harmed you, you have the right to hold them responsible for the damage they have caused to your life. Do not be intimidated by their scare tactics and the actions of their lawyers, you have the law on your side. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can succeed in your case, recover payment for your damages, and have the chance to find success in your career.

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Our firm represents clients throughout California, with our main focus on Orange County. We are local attorneys so we understand the community, local rules and practices, jury pools, and which courts to avoid. We litigate extensively in both State and Federal Courts throughout Southern California in a variety of practice areas including:

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Whether you are being sued and need a defense team or are considering bringing a lawsuit to enforce your rights, McFarlin LLP is the right choice. We work efficiently to find the most cost-effective solution in every legal matter to get you the results and solution you need. Our experienced attorneys are available in Orange County to speak to you today at no initial fee, contact us at (888) 728-0044, or email us.


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