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Century City Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

In recent years, Attorney Timothy McFarlin and the team at McFarlin LLP has witnessed an increased misconception of what it really means to be in foreclosure. For many hard working folks, it has become an economic boogey man, waiting just around the corner – especially in Southern California; a menacing specter of failure and ruin that is touted on the news and given credence by predatory lending companies looking to cash in on the less than favorable job market.

While the thought of foreclosure and losing your home can be frightening, especially if you are struggling to make ends meet or find employment, it is by no means a guarantee. The legal options available to you a numerous and the chance to save your home is great; not nearly the financial horror show it has been made out to be.

If you are currently in default and facing foreclosure on your Century City home or have already been notified by your lender that they have begun foreclosure proceedings, you should call McFarlin LLP today and discover the truth about your options. The number is (888) 728-0044.

What Should I Do?

For starters – don’t panic. If you’ve received a foreclosure notice from your bank or mortgage company, take a moment before acting on impulse or calling your lender. For the most part, if this is your first notification or even your second, you have time. Not much, but enough if you act quickly to build a solid legal defense for your home.

Traditionally, the foreclosure process can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to finalize if kept on track. There are dozens of deadlines and steps your lender must take, in order and on time, to complete the process. In many respects, the onus is on them to ensure you are receiving the proper information and understand the situation. With that in mind, take a breath and consider the following steps:

1) Collect & Organize – You’ll first want to gather up every document your lender provided you at the start of the loan, as well as any subsequent documentation they may have provided. If the lender has made any missteps along the way, or proven to be a predatory lender terrorizing your family’s finances, all of this information can be used in your defense. Save everything and make ample copies!

2) Contact a Foreclosure Defense Attorney – The foreclosure process in California is incredibly complex, even when it takes place outside the courtroom. Lenders are just as guilty of confusing deadlines, losing paperwork and fouling up contracts. Don’t let their mistakes become your headache. By speaking with a certified foreclosure defense attorney, you greatly increase your odds of saving your home and credit.

3) Do Not Wait – You’ll want to act quickly. This does not mean act rashly or without a plan, but do not let your lender run the show. The longer you wait, the less viable options will be available to you and the greater the chance you’ll lose your home.

Act Now

Don’t let the fear of foreclosure, falling behind in payments or potentially losing your home deter you from taking immediate action. Attorney Timothy McFarlin and the experienced attorneys at McFarlin LLP can help preserve your property and credit no matter at what stage you find yourself. Call today at (888) 728-0044 for a free case evaluation and foreclosure consultation.


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