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Century 21 Financial Loan Modification

Borrowers thinking about applying for a Century 21 Financial loan modification should apply for assistance as soon as possible.  With complaints against every lender in the industry and the number of lawsuits against lenders growing by the day, a person facing foreclosure should start the loan modification application process as soon as possible to account for any road blocks they may encounter along the way.

Borrowers who have filed for a Century 21 Financial loan modification share many complaints with borrowers of other lenders who also sought assistance.  Chief among complaints tends to be the lack of assistance that borrowers get from their lenders.  Many borrowers have been with their lenders for years, some have even been clients of their lenders for multiple decades, but when the borrowers ask for help, the lender is often accused of giving them the cold shoulder by failing to answer questions, offering conflicting advice from day to day, dropping calls from borrowers, and just being flat out rude.

Perhaps the idea that lenders and their representatives could be so rude is what angers many borrowers.  In some cases, the borrowers asking for assistance have been clients of their lenders longer than the person answering the phones has been alive.  Still, the complaints against so-called customer service agents continue to find their way to the web.  In one complaint, the borrower accused a customer service agent employed by their lender of telling the borrower that the only way to prevent foreclosure on his home would be to earn more money.

Well, if it were that easy, customer service agents, the borrower wouldn’t have needed to ask for assistance in the first place.

If a person pursuing a Century 21 Financial loan modification feels that they are not getting the assistance they deserve, they are urged to secure the services of an attorney as soon as possible.  Even better would be if the borrower could secure those services before the loan modification is applied for, to avoid service related problems from the beginning.  Being dealt a bad hand by customer service representatives only prolongs the process of seeking assistance because now the borrower must figure out a way to get the assistance they need from less than helpful employees of their lender.

One little known fact about the lending industry loan modification process is that attorneys don’t typically talk to the same level of employee as the regular borrower.  Attorneys are often directed right to the loss mitigation department (or equivalent) where they can discuss the details of a modification on behalf of their client.  This isn’t because attorneys are any more special than their borrowers; it’s just that the lenders don’t want to take the chance of their low level customer service representative saying something to an attorney that could cost the lender money.  Lenders know that they can’t get away with saying certain things or making certain promises to attorneys without being held accountable for their statements and/or promises since attorneys know exactly what steps they need to take to legally escalate an issue.  Average borrowers, on the other hand, often lack the legal knowledge to stand up for themselves against their lenders…making them a prime target for unhelpful customer service reps.