California Teen Arrested for Highway DUI

Recently, in San Jose, California, 18-year old, Eric Nun was arrested for DUI and being the catalyst of a nasty, chain-reactionary crash, on Highway 101.  Everyone involved in the accident were taken to a hospital.

At approximately 3 AM, on the shoulder of 101 north, a Mitsubishi and a Toyota were parked as two people were fixing a flat tire on the Toyota.  A male sat in the driver’s seat of the Toyota.  Eric Nun, driving under the influence a Mercedes, swerved off the highway and collided with the back of the Mitsubishi.

The Mitsubishi was pushed into the Toyota and severed the leg of a woman standing between the cars.  The man in the Toyota suffered major head injuries and the other man, who pulled over to assist the couple with their flat tire, also had significant head injuries as well as internal bleeding.

The couple was rushed to San Jose Regional Medical Center while the driver of the Mitsubishi and Eric Nun, were both taken to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.  Nun had a fractured ankle among other injuries.  After he received treatment, Eric Nun was taken to Santa Clara County’s main jail and charged with a felony DUI.

Two years ago, in the state of California, 1,468 DUI arrests were made where the driver was under the age of 18.  As well, there were 148 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities involving youth under the age of 21.  Of note, the percentage of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities, involving the youth under 21, per 100,000 (of the population) from 1998-1008, dropped a good 15.1%.

If you or someone you know/love, has been involved in a DUI-related accident, or, has been charged with a DUI, the best and first choice to make is to contact an experienced attorney—preferably one with a strong background in DUI-related cases.