CA Dem Rep. Clear of Any Wrongdoing

The House ethics committee recently ended a seven-month long investigation where the focus of the investigation was California Democratic Representative Laura Richardson; to find out if she ever received “special” treatment from WaMu, and/or was remiss in disclosing any properties, incomes as well as liabilities on her disclosure forms.

The committee dismissed Richardson of any wrongdoing in the foreclosure of her property in Sacramento, and announced they found she never received any preferential treatment from any lender(s). Additionally, the Democratic Rep. was waved free of any ethics violations with regards to her financial disclosure forms.

Laura Richardson is a Los Angeles native and represented California’s 55th Assembly District until elected to the House of Representatives—for CA’s 37th Congressional District, filling in for Juanita Millender-McDonald, who passed away. The 37th Congressional District includes inland sections of Long Beach, Carson and Compton.

While The House Committee on Standard and Official Conduct said their decision to dismiss the investigation was unanimous, they voted to investigate the mortgage broker, Charles Thomas, who served in the sale of Richardson’s property. Apparently, according to the committee, Thomas admitted he “submitted fraudulent information” to WaMu, behind Richard’s back.

“The committee’s bipartisan report confirms that I have at all times acted in accordance with my ethical duties as a member of Congress. I am thankful this is over and behind me,” Richardson said in a statement. During the investigation, Richardson fell on financially tough times as she went through “a divorce, death in the family, unexpected job and living changes, and an erroneous property sale.”

The House Committee on Standard and Official Conduct, during its Richardson investigation, issued 14 subpoenas, interviewed seven witnesses and analyzed approximately 7,000+ pages worth of documents and files.