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Real Estate Litigation Lawyers Los Angeles

Real estate acquisition and ownership usually represents a significant financial undertaking for everyone involved in the real estate transaction. When disagreements arise substantial amounts of money are often involved, and disputes need to be resolved immediately, especially if there is possible foreclosure situation on the horizon.

Who We Represent

McFarlin LLP represents clients in virtually any type of real estate or mortgage litigation matter including:

  • Individual Homeowners
  • Investment Property Owners
  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Rental Property Owners
  • Management Companies
  • Developers
  • Homeowners Associations

Real Estate Disputes We Litigate

  • Mortgage Disputes
  • Wrongful Foreclosure
  • Breach of Contract
  • Lender/Broker Misrepresentations
  • Failure to Modify Loan
  • Mortgage Rate Adjustments
  • Truth in Lending Act (TILA)
  • Mortgage Servicing

Leading Homeowner Representation

McFarlin LLP attorneys are leading consumer advocates who have been representing consumers against mortgage lenders and servicers for many years. Many homeowners don’t realize the variety of options they have for any type of mortgage dispute. In most cases, lenders will aggressively pursue foreclosure leaving the homeowner with fewer and fewer options as time goes by. This is an organized strategy on the part of lenders to eliminate homeowner rights.

Homeowners need not come to McFarlin LLP with a specific “game plan” for suing their lender or what kind of action to take. It is best if you simply bring us your problem and allow us to formulate a solution for you. Often this may be a combination of litigation and negotiation.

Your Real Estate Lawyers

We provide our clients with a high level of service, and responsiveness. We want you to understand all aspects of the real estate and mortgage litigation process. If you have a real estate litigation matter to discuss with one of our qualified attorneys, please contact us today (888) 728 0044, or email us. We offer free consultations.


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