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Merchant Loan Debt

Merchant Services Debt Crippling Your Business?

McFarlin’s Southern California Merchant Cash Advance Attorneys Can Help

If you have found yourself struggling with merchant services debt, we can help! At the Southern California offices of McFarlin LLP, our experienced merchant cash advance attorneys can negotiate your debt so you can get your business (and life) back on track.

For many small business owners, the allure of receiving funds through merchant cash advances is too good to pass up. However, before long, many realize that the annual percentage rates for these loans can be as high as 40 and even a whopping 350 percent APR! Eventually, these monthly payments can be crippling to a business because as they make sales, they actually receive less and less of the proceeds.

Getting Out of the Merchant Cash Advance Debt Loop

You may also find yourself in a never-ending loop of lenders on top of lenders, piling debt on top of more debt. These sales tactics are widely considered predatory in nature, and they know exactly how to rope you in. These scenarios may sound familiar:

  1. You are having some cash flow issues with your business, so you sign on with a merchant cash advance lender. Before long, the fact that you have a lien placed on your business becomes publicly disclosed and sold to brokers looking to prey on vulnerable business people. You need cash again, and these predators know exactly how to entice you to borrow additional funds from them. This is a popular tactic used in the MCA world and even has a name, “stacking.”
  2. You filled out multiple online forms to get your MCA loan, perhaps to compare interest rates or payment schedules. What nobody told you, however, is each time you hit the send button on those apps your credit report was pulled. This negatively affects your credit, and now your interest rates are even higher!

If you have found yourself stuck with stacked MCA credit, a lowered credit rating, and higher than high-interest rates, you need to stop the cycle of debt on top of debt now. The merchant cash advance attorneys at McFarlin LLP are here to help.

We have extensive experience negotiating with even the most aggressive merchant services lenders. Turn this over to us, and we will do everything in our power to negotiate down your debt while working with you to create and implement a comprehensive plan to solve all your debt issues once and for all.

Ready to Get Rid of Your Business Debt? Call McFarlin’s Merchant Cash Advance Attorneys Today

Let us eliminate your business debt. Call the Irvine, California-based merchant cash advance lawyers at McFarlin LLP today at 949-544-2640 or reach out to usonline. Consultations are free. You’ve got nothing to lose but debilitating debt.


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