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Business Debt Settlement Lawyers

Is the Burden of Crushing Debt Affecting You? We can Help!

Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy, accounting for 80 percent of new jobs. Small businesses employ half of the private sector workforce.

But, sadly, only 50 percent of small businesses survive for five years or longer, and just 25 percent are still in operation after 15 years. The most common reason for small business failure is (you guessed it) overwhelming business debt. It is not unusual for entrepreneurs to finance new enterprises with startup capital including credit cards, bank loans, lines of credit at high-interest rates and even “factoring” (borrowing from future receivables to satisfy current expenses). This debt can place a heavy burden on the business and the personal finances of the business owner because many of these sources of cash can carry with them highly unreasonable repayment terms and escalating interest rates. However, we have great news!

The Business Debt Elimination and Settlement Lawyers at McFarlin Law Can Help Right Now

If business debt is crushing your dreams and affecting your personal and financial health, even your relationships with employees, loved ones and your ability to sell, we have options that can help right away. As business debt settlement lawyers, at McFarlin LLP, we work hard to find personalized solutions to the financial challenges business owners like you face every day before they become a crisis. Whether you are struggling with a daily or weekly ACH, an aggressive Factoring Situation, Vendors who you can’t pay but still need or any other aspect of commercial debt, we at McFarlin LLP understand and have been through this process with hundreds of clients just like you.

Some very common circumstances we work with on a regular basis include: Aggressive Business Collectors and their threats, Commercial Loan Default, issues with the Small Business Administration (SBA Loans) and SBA Loan Default, Commercial foreclosures, UCC-1 Filings and Receivables Factoring.  Your creditors do not want you to know the information we would like to share with you, most notably that there are ways out! There option to keep your business running while addressing debt is what we do, but creditos and collectors move fast, from collections, to lawsuits, to judgments and eventually levies, this is not the time to delay. It becomes more difficult to protect you as the situation progresses.

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If you are ready to address your crushing commercial and business debt, contact the California business debt settlement lawyers at McFarlin LLP today to get started on a plan (made just for you) to free your business from debt once and for all. To set up a free, no-obligation appointment at our Irvine, California office or over the phone, give us a call at 949-544-2640 or reach out to us online.



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