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Rent vs. Buy A Home

The age-old “rent vs. buy a home” conundrum is something that most households face at some point. Is renting more financial conservative, or are you simply flushing money down the toilet with nothing to show for it after you move out? On the other hand, being saddled with a mortgage […]

Drop in Mortgage Rates Leads to More Home Refinancing Loans

A new survey recently released by Freddie Mac, the nation’s second-largest mortgage finance company, shows 30-year mortgage rates have plummeted to new, all-time lows. “With mortgage rates falling to historic lows, refinance activity has been strong over the past three months,” said Freddie Mac Vice President and Chief Economist, Frank […]

More Money More Problems for FHA & HUD?

Those who take out home loans, guaranteed by the federal Housing Administration, may soon find themselves paying big fees as the House has recently passed a bill allowing the FHA to hike monthly premiums as they see fit. For instance, a borrower maintaining a $170,000 mortgage might possibly pay an […]

The New Standardized Good Faith Estimate For Homebuyers

The Good Faith Estimate (GFE) has been used somewhat as a tool that homebuyers use to shop around for lenders. It is a break down of the costs and the total cash that the borrower will need to close the loan. In the past, lenders have created their own formats […]