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California Teen Arrested for Highway DUI

Recently, in San Jose, California, 18-year old, Eric Nun was arrested for DUI and being the catalyst of a nasty, chain-reactionary crash, on Highway 101.  Everyone involved in the accident were taken to a hospital. At approximately 3 AM, on the shoulder of 101 north, a Mitsubishi and a Toyota […]

Lawnmower DUI? Rare Yet Very Possible

Recently, in Anthony, Florida, Richard Paschen was charged with DUI while driving a lawnmower while intoxicated.  Marion County Sheriff’s Office caught Paschen driving a red lawnmower—a cup of beer in the cup holder.  Though he refused a breathalyzer test, the drunken lawnmower driver told Deputy Miller he had “a pretty […]

llinois DUI Offender Strikes Again Years Later

In Illinois, a man from Riverton, once convicted of a fatal hit and run incident six years ago, has recently been arrested again, by Illinois State Police—this time for aggravated DUI charges, driving with a revoked license as well as illegal transportation of alcohol and four petty traffic offenses.  He […]

Nebraska’s Young Receiver Niles Paul Makes Poor Decisions Like a Pro

There’s much ado about Niles Paul—a football receiver attending Nebraska has turned many heads in the Big 12 Football world.  He was the Huskers’ best receiver a year ago and has had a big role in five of Nebraska’s eight longest plays.  He averaged nearly 28 yards a kickoff return—the […]