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California Teen Arrested for Highway DUI

Recently, in San Jose, California, 18-year old, Eric Nun was arrested for DUI and being the catalyst of a nasty, chain-reactionary crash, on Highway 101.  Everyone involved in the accident were taken to a hospital. At approximately 3 AM, on the shoulder of 101 north, a Mitsubishi and a Toyota […]

A Mother’s DUI—Young Daughter in Car

Recently, in Charleston, West Virginia, a mother accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol—with her daughter in the car, told police she ran through a stop sign because she was in a rush to meet up with two women who were going to sell her crack-cocaine. The mother’s […]

Memphis Firefighter Gets 2 DUIs in 2 Months

In Memphis, a firefighter has been arrested for DUI—for the second time in two months. The firefighting veteran, David Gann, has served his department for 12 years. He was recently the cause of a three-car accident according to a local police affidavit. While the affidavit itself fails to go into […]

19 Year Old Gets 1 Year in Jail for Fatal DUI Crash

Last year, on June 20th, in Charleston, South Carolina, Keith Joshua Jackson, a recent high school graduate, was driving with two of his school friends. He got into a major car accident injuring himself, a passenger, Greg Jones and killing William Shuman. All were only 19 years old at the […]