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Does the Federal Government Offer Assistance for Commercial Loan Modification?

When President Obama instituted the Making Home Affordable Program to help the massive number of homeowners facing foreclosure, many held high hopes.  Unfortunately, the program has failed to save as many homes as originally expected.  On the other hand, there are several families who have been able to stay in […]

Commercial Loan Modification Experts

Commercial loan modification experts, also referred to as commercial loan modification consultants, are generally non-attorney individuals who claim that they can offer assistance in getting commercial loans modified.  While many of these experts or consultants are legitimate, many have been found to be scammers, and should therefore be approached with […]

Can a Person Modify a Residential Loan and a Commercial Loan at the Same Time?

Our economic times are forcing many homeowners and business owners to face foreclosure, but business owners are perhaps in the most peculiar spot of all.  In most circumstances, a person who is struggling to make their commercial loan payments will also struggle to make their residential loan payments.  When a […]

When Should I Seek Commercial Loan Modification Assistance?

Many of the same financial problems facing homeowners in America are also facing private business operators.  With the economy still in a slump, many business owners have to deal with the thought of facing foreclosure.  While the financial trouble and possible solutions for avoiding foreclosure are similar for businesses and […]