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Requesting a Loan Modification from Commercial Loan Lenders

Starting a business takes a huge amount of courage, determination, and risk.  Studies have shown that most business fail within their first few years of existence.  Still, thousands of Americans continue to pursue the dream of owning their own business year after year, despite the risks.   When financial trouble presents […]

What is Considered a Loan Modification Hardship for Small Business Owners?

These troubling economic times have many business owners wondering if their businesses will be able to survive in the face of foreclosure.  One of the most popular tactics that businesses are using to avoid foreclosure of their business loans is loan modification.  Loan modification is an agreement between borrower and […]

Wells Fargo Commercial Loan Modification

When a business owner’s Wells Fargo commercial loan falls into default, foreclosure becomes a very real threat to the business, to the business owner, and to any person depending on the success of both.  Loan modifications for real estate loans have grown in popularity since the collapse of the housing […]

The Secret to Being Approved for a Business Loan Modification

When a business owner faces the foreclosure of their business loan, a business loan modification may be just the fix to keep the doors to the business open.  A business loan modification will allow the borrower to pay a lower, often fixed, monthly payment.  An Internet search for business loan […]