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On the Heels of Major San Juan Explosion PR Oil Co. Files for Bankruptcy

Recently, in a court in Delaware, but, a good 10 months after a gigantic explosion rocked its Puerto Rican fuel storage depot, Caribbean Petroleum Corporation has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  Since the explosion, all operations have basically come to a stand-still (even their website is “under construction,” as […]

Hospital Seeks and Receives Extension for its Reorganization Plan

In Bristol Township, Pennsylvania, it was recently announced a US Bankruptcy judge will reside over a hearing, to determine whether or not Lower Bucks Hospital is worthy of an extension to present its reorganization plan to creditors. Judge Eric Frank has extended the filing from August 12th to the 31st; […]

EpiCentre Approved for Bankruptcy in Less Than 20 Minutes

Charlotte, North Carolina’s EpiCentre has field for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and was approved by Bankruptcy Judge George Hodges within 20 minutes.  The day prior to their Chapter 11 approval, the entertainment and retail center filed their papers in court. Pacific Avenue, LLC and Pacific Avenue II, LLC were founded solely […]

Famous Island Getaway Packs its Bags for Chapter 11

The Sea Island Company, owners of a Georgia, luxury resort located on Sea Island and all of the island’s land, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Federal court located in Brunswick. The company says it plans to “emerge from Chapter 11 by selling its resorts, golf courses […]