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Real Estate, Foreclosures & Bankruptcy for Personal Investment

Published in 2017, the book Decision Making for Personal Investment was co-authored by California attorney Timothy McFarlin and Waymond Rodgers, chair professor at the School of Business of University of Texas. The book explores individual investor’s decision-making process when faced with investment choices, helping avoid foreclosure and keeping your real estate property.  Without effective guidance, […]

5 Useful Tips For Tenants For Renting A Foreclosed Property

Foreclosure is when a family or the owners of the house are unable to complete the mortgage due to financial constraints or other reasons. Being a very harsh and unpleasant thing to go through for the owners, it could also be unpleasant for the new tenants. When the landlord fails […]

What Is The Process Of Buying A Home From A Land Bank?

It is likely that you will find excellent deals in property purchases if you live in a county or a city that has higher rates of home abandonment. In cities where home abandonments and foreclosures have become an important issue for the government to deal with, the government usually acquires […]

Southern California’s Foreclosure Work Running At One-Tenth Its Peak Pace

The ugly end of the previous business boom may still be sending economic flashbacks. The thing to be worried about is the undergoing extended economic upswing as the business boom is nearing its end, which could result in a slowdown, causing trouble for the real estate market. Despite the changes […]