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What Can You Expect?: Understanding the Foreclosure Process

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Foreclosure is a process by which your lender will take possession of your home. Foreclosure occurs as a result of defaulting on your mortgage payments. The foreclosure process is anything but simple, however. There are many steps to a foreclosure process, but knowing these steps […]

Leave it to the Lawyer: The Top Benefits of Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Having financial problems can impact different areas of your life. Debt collectors have no shame. They will try to reach you by any means necessary. Some will call your home, place of employment, or contacts listed on your credit application. Stress from debt issues can impact your health as well […]

Video: Foreclosure Attorney – 3 Important Questions when Facing Foreclosure

A sudden foreclosure can feel like the world is collapsing but this doesn’t have to be the case if you have a foreclosure attorney on your side! The foreclosure attorney experts at McFarlin LLP provide premier legal services throughout the OC and Los Angeles. In an attempt to help you […]

Time is Ticking: The Telltale Signs It’s Time to File for Bankruptcy

Hello, this is an automated call from ___ collections to let you know you’re behind on your payments. Does that sound shuddering-ly familiar? If it does and collectors are hounding you, then it may be time to file for bankruptcy. Although bankruptcy gets a bad name, it is probably the […]